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박은철 [Park, Eun-Cheol]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Preventive Medicine
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2014Impact of the gap between socioeconomic stratum and subjective social class on depressive symptoms: Unique insights from a longitudinal analysis 박은철, 신재용, 이상규Article
2014Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of HPV Vaccination: Comparing the General Population with Socially Vulnerable Individuals. 박은철Article
2013Burden of GI cancer and its control strategies in Korea.박은철, 이광식Article
2013The Werther Effect of Two Celebrity Suicides: an Entertainer and a Politician 남정모, 박소희, 박은철Article
2013Does the Duration and Time of Sleep Increase the Risk of Allergic Rhinitis? Results of the 6-Year Nationwide Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-Based Survey 박은철Article
2013Differential association of socio-economic status with gender- and age-defined suicidal ideation among adult and elderly individuals in South Korea박은철Article
2013Validity of fecal occult blood test in the National Cancer Screening Program, Korea. 박은철Article
2013Biochemically-verified Smoking Rate Trends and Factors Associated with Inaccurate Self-reporting of Smoking Habits in Korean Women 강현구, 박은철, 장성인Article
2013The Association between Sleep Duration and Self-Rated Health in the Korean General Population 김경란, 박은철Article
2013Relationship Between Current Sleep Duration and Past Suicidal Ideation or Attempt Among Korean Adolescents 박은철, 이광식, 장성인Article
2013중증도 분류에 따른 진료비 차이: 간질환을 중심으로 박은철, 이상규Article
2013Factors Associated with Discontinuation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine among Korean Cancer Patients 박은철Article
2013Cost-effectiveness Outcomes of the National Gastric Cancer Screening Program in South Korea 박은철Article
2013The National Cancer Screening Program for Breast Cancer in the Republic of Korea: Is it Cost-Effective? 박은철Article
2013Cost and effectiveness of the nationwide government-supported Smoking Cessation Clinics in the Republic of Korea박은철Article
2013건강보험 지불제도의 개편방향 박은철Article
2013Determinants of suboptimal hepatitis B vaccine uptake among men in the Republic of Korea: where should our efforts be focused: results from cross-sectional study. 박은철Article
2013Socioeconomic disparity in cervical cancer screening among Korean women: 1998-2010 김태현, 박은철Article
2013포괄수가제(DRG) 현황과 과제박은철Article
2013Does Stress Increase the Risk of Atopic Dermatitis in Adolescents? Results of the Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-Based Survey (KYRBWS-VI) 박소희, 박은철Article
2013Diabetic retinopathy risk prediction for fundus examination using sparse learning: a cross-sectional study 박은철Article
2013Is Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening Cost-Effective in Both Western and Asian Countries?: Results of a Systematic Review 김은경, 남정모, 박은철Article
2013Cost-Effectiveness of Korea’s National Cervical Cancer Screening Program 박은철Article
2013Association between Total Sleep Duration and Suicidal Ideation among the Korean General Adult Population 박은철, 박종연, 조우현, 최원정Article
2013Osteoporosis Risk Prediction for Bone Mineral Density Assessment of Postmenopausal Women Using Machine Learning 김덕원, 박은철Article
2013A Single Measure of Cancer Burden in Korea from 1999 to 2010 박소희, 박은철, 이광식, 장성인Article
2013An analysis of the inpatient charge and length of stay for patients with joint diseases in Korea: Specialty versus small general hospitals김태현, 박은철, 장성인Article
2013Pitfalls in Reimbursement Decisions for Oncology Drugs in South Korea: Need for Addressing the Ethical Dimensions in Technology Assessment 박은철Article
2012Role of quit supporters and other factors associated with smoking abstinence in adolescent smokers: a prospective study on Quitline users in the Republic of Korea박은철Article
2012의사국가시험 실시시험 도입에 따른 인턴과 전공의 임상수행능력의 변화 박은철, 박인철, 장후선Article
2012Mode of primary cancer detection as an indicator of screening practice for second primary cancer in cancer survivors: a nationwide survey in Korea. 박은철Article
2012The gap between physicians and the public in satisfaction with the National Health Insurance system in Korea 박은철Article
2012Performance of different gastric cancer screening methods in Korea: a population-based study 박소희, 박은철Article
2012Satisfaction in the National Cancer Screening Program for breast cancer with and without clinical breast examination 박은철Article
2012Relationship between BMI, body image, and smoking in Korean women as determined by urine cotinine: results of a nationwide survey. Relationship between BMI, body image, and smoking in Korean women as determined by urine cotinine: results of a nationwide survey. 김희진, 남궁기, 박은철, 조우현, 지선하Article
2012Comparing endoscopy and upper gastrointestinal X-ray for gastric cancer screening in South Korea: a cost-utility analysis 남정모, 박은철, 장후선, 정우진, 조우현, 조은Article
2012The association between cancer incidence and family income: analysis of Korean National Health Insurance cancer registration data 박은철, 조우현Article
2012Time to follow up after an abnormal finding in organized gastric cancer screening in Korea. 박은철Article
2012Variations in pain management outcomes among palliative care centers and the impact of organizational factors. 박은철Article
2012Adherence to follow-up after a positive fecal occult blood test in an organized colorectal cancer screening program in Korea, 2004-2008박은철Article
2012Sustainability of Korean National Health Insurance 박은철, 장후선Article
2012한국 보건의료정책의 현황과 방향. 박은철Article
2012새 정부에 바란다. 박은철Article
2012한국 보건의료정책 문제의 진단 박은철, 장성인Article
2012User satisfaction as a tool for assessment and improvement of Quitline in the Republic of Korea박은철Article
2012Performance of papanicolaou testing and detection of cervical carcinoma in situ in participants of organized cervical cancer screening in South Korea 박은철Article
2012Predictors and outcomes of feeling of insufficient consultation time in cancer care in Korea: results of a nationwide multicenter survey박은철Article
2012Socioeconomic inequalities in completion of hepatitis B vaccine series among Korean women: results from a nationwide interview survey박은철Article
2012Relationship between Weight, Body Mass Index and Bone Mineral Density of Lumbar Spine in Women. 박은철, 조은Article
2012중,고령자의 민간의료보험 가입 여부의 결정 요인박은철, 조우현Article