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최영숙 [Choi, Young Suk]
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Research Institutes - Research Institute of Radiological Science

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2018High Resolution Hyperpolarized 13C MRSI using SPICE at 9.4 T송호택, 주찬규, 최영숙Article
2018Hyperpolarized [1-13C] pyruvate MR spectroscopy detect altered glycolysis in the brain of a cognitively impaired mouse model fed high-fat diet 김어수, 김재영, 김철훈, 송호택, 이종은, 최영숙Article
2017Flow-suppressed hyperpolarized 13C chemical shift imaging using velocity-optimized bipolar gradient in mouse liver tumors at 9.4 T송호택, 주찬규, 최영숙Article
2017An indirect method for in vivo T2 mapping of [1-13 C] pyruvate using hyperpolarized 13 C CSI.송호택, 최영숙Article
2016Metabolite-selective hyperpolarized (13)C imaging using extended chemical shift displacement at 9.4T.최영숙Article
2015The Role of Foxo3 in Leydig Cells. 이은직, 최영숙Article
2014FoxO1 is a negative regulator of FSHβ gene expression in basal and GnRH-stimulated conditions in female.구철룡, 서미란, 이유정, 이은직, 이현정, 조윤희, 최영숙Article