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2018Radiographic and microsurgical characteristics of proximal (A1) segment aneurysms of the anterior cerebral artery.김용배, 서상현, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2017Post-traumatic headache in patients with minimal traumatic intracranial hemorrhage after traumatic brain injury: a retrospective matched case-control study 김용배, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2017Perimesencephalic Nonaneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage After Clipping of an Unruptured Aneurysm김용배, 조광천, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2017The course of headache in patients with moderate-to-severe headache due to mild traumatic brain injury: a retrospective cross-sectional study 김용배, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2017Preventive Effect of Clazosentan against Cerebral Vasospasm after Clipping Surgery for Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in Japanese and Korean Patients 주진양Article
2017Multidisciplinary management for the treatment of proximal posterior inferior cerebellar artery 무뎌교는김용배, 서상현, 조광천, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2016Headache After Cerebral Angiography: Frequency, Predisposing Factors, and Predictors of Recovery김용배, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2016Borderline basal ganglia hemorrhage volume: patient selection for good clinical outcome after stereotactic catheter drainage김용배, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2016Effects of preventive surgery for unruptured intracranial aneurysms on attention, executive function, learning and memory: a prospective cohort study김용배, 석정호, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2015Clinical Risk Factors Affecting Procedure-Related Major Neurological Complications in Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms 김용배, 서상현, 장이욱, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2015The Course of Headache in Patients With Moderate-to-Severe Headache Due to Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study김용배, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2015Microsurgical clipping of unruptured middle cerebral artery bifurcation aneurysms: incidence of and risk factors for procedure-related complications김용배, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2015Effects of Prophylactic Antiepileptic Drugs on Clinical Outcomes in Patients with a Good Clinical Grade Suffering from Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage 김용배, 윤선진, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2015Incidence and risk factors for rebleeding during cerebral angiography for ruptured intracranial aneurysms. 김용배, 정준호, 주진양Article
2015Preliminary experience with self-expanding closed-cell stent placement in small arteries less than 2 mm in diameter for the treatment of intracranial aneurysms김용배, 서상현, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2015The role of endovascular treatment for ruptured distal anterior cerebral artery aneurysms: comparison with microsurgical clipping김동익, 김동준, 김병문, 박근영, 이규창, 이재환, 정준호, 주진양, 허승곤Article
2014Long-Term Clinical and Angiographic Outcomes of Wrap-Clipping Strategies for Unclippable Cerebral Aneurysms 김용배, 정준호, 주진양, 허승곤, 홍창기Article
2014Clinico-radiological Characteristics of Spontaneous Basal Ganglia Hemorrhage, According to Regional Classification 김용배, 장이욱, 정준호, 주진양, 추연수Article
2014Blood pressure-lowering effect of carotid artery stenting in patients with symptomatic carotid artery stenosis김용배, 서상현, 정준호, 주진양, 최의영, 홍창기Article
2014Stent-assisted coil embolization of ruptured wide-necked aneurysms in the acute period: incidence of and risk factors for periprocedural complications김용배, 서상현, 정준호, 주진양Article
2013Stent salvage using the Enterprise stent for procedure-related complication during coil embolization of ruptured intracranial aneurysms김용배, 정준호, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2011Rescue Therapy for Acute Thromboembolic Occulsion During Endovascular Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms 김소연, 서상현, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2011Benefits of surgical treatment for unruptured intracranial aneurysms in elderly patients 정진영, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2010Characteristics and management of residual or slowly recurred intracranial aneurysms 정진영, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2010Arterial blush mimicking ICA rupture during intracranial stenting : a case report김창현, 정진영, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2010Anti-platelet drug resistance in the prediction of thromboembolic complications after neurointervention 김창현, 심유식, 정진영, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2009Management of a Complicated Cerebral Aneurysm with Distal Migration of a Detachable Coil: A Case Report 서상현, 안정용, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2009Endovascular Treatment Using Multiple Stents for Symptomatic Intracranial Vertebral Artery Dissecting Aneurysm. 권영민, 서상현, 안정용, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2009Staged Y-shaped stent assisted coil embolization in a wide-neck basilar tip aneurysm : case report 김창현, 서상현, 정태섭, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2009Coexisting Dissecting Aneurysms of the Internal Carotid and Basilar Arteries Following Flexion Injury: Case Report 서상현, 안정용, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2008Delayed Complications after Uneventful Coil Embolization of Unruptured Aneurysms : Case Report 서상현, 심유식, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2008전대뇌동맥 원위부 동맥류의 특징 및 수술 결과 심유식, 안정용, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2008허혈성 뇌혈관 질환이 있는 환자에서 비파열성 동맥류의 치료 서상현, 심유식, 안정용, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2007Therapeutic endovascular treatments for traumatic vertebral artery injuries안정용, 이영준, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2007Navigation-assisted aspriation and thrimbolysis of Deep intracerebral Hemorrhage 안정용, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2007Carbapenem계 항생제에 의한 Valproic Acid 혈중 농도 감소 7예 보고 권오헌, 김정호, 이상국, 주진양Article
2006Recombinant Factor VIIa Treatment for Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage 안정용, 주진양Article
2006Persistent Primitive Hypoglossal Artery Associated with Cerebral Aneurysm 서상현, 안정용, 주진양Article
2006중대뇌동맥 이분지의 동맥류의 방향과 수술접근법 안정용, 주진양Article
2006Endovascular treatment of intracranial vertebral artery dissections with stent placement or stent-assisted coiling 김동익, 안정용, 윤평호, 주진양Article
2006Clipping vs coiling of posterior communicating artery aneurysms with third nerve palsy안정용, 윤평호, 주진양Article
2006Ruptured distal anterior choroidal artery aneurysm안정용, 주진양Article
2006내경동맥 체부에 발생한 동맥류-치료와 결과- 안정용, 주진양Article
2006Stent-Assisted Recanlization for Acute Ischemic Stroke 서상현, 안정용, 주진양, 홍창기Article
2005전교통동맥에서 발생한 독립적인 다발성 동맥류 주진양, 홍창기Article
2005Treatment of intra- and extracranial arterial dissections using stents and embolization김상흠, 윤평호, 정상섭, 주진양Article
2005Treatment of spontaneous arterial dissections with stent placement for preservation of the parent artery정상섭, 주진양Article
2004BH3 도메인이 없는 새로운 Bcl-2 단백질, Bak-like의 세포사멸의 유도 이규성, 주진양Article
2004Endovascular Treatments of Traumatic Carotid and Vertebral Vascular Injuries 주진양Article
2003Expression of the DNA repair enzyme, N-methylpurine-DNA glycosylase (MPG) in astrocytic tumors주진양Article