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이향규 [Lee, Hyang Kyu]
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College of Nursing - Dept. of Nursing
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2019Sex differences in factors associated with metabolic syndrome among Korean adults without diabetes mellitus: results from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2010 to 2013박정옥, 이향규, 지선하Article
2018A quantile regression approach to explain the relationship of Fatigue and Cortisol, Cytokine among Koreans with Hepatitis B 안상훈, 이경화, 이향규, 장연수Article
2018Effectiveness of a brief stress management intervention in male college students김선아, 이향규Article
2018장루보유 대장암 환자의 신체상과 성생활의 영향요인 김수, 이향규Article
2018Radiation safety education and compliance with safety procedures-The Korea Nurses' Health Study이향규Article
2017Visceral adiposity and expression of clock genes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells: A pilot study김수, 이지원, 이향규, 이혜선, 인요한Article
2017대장암 검진 행동 촉진을 위한 메시지 전략 김상희, 오의금, 이향규Article
2016Factors affecting the trajectory of health-related quality of life in COPD patients.김소선, 김영삼, 박창기, 오의금, 이향규Article
2016내과 환자의 섭취량/배설량 측정법 비교 연구 강동우, 박소영, 이재길, 이향규, 추성혜Article
2016고지방식이에 의한 말초 생체시계 유전자 발현 변화 이향규Article
2016Effects of an Integrated Stress Management Program (ISMP) for Psychologically Distressed Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial김선아, 노다복, 이향규Article
2016Relationship between non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance in Korean adults: A cross-sectional study이지원, 이향규, 추상희Article
2015고등학생의 신체활동에 따른 수면의 질 및 심박변이도 이향규, 최모나Article
2015Predictors of symptom experience in Korean patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy오의금, 이향규Article
2015The regulation of glucose-6-phosphatase and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase by autophagy in low-glycolytic hepatocellular carcinoma cells김경섭, 윤미진, 이향규, 전정용, 조병철Article
2015Chronic HMGCR/HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor Treatment Contributes to Dysglycemia by Upregulating Hepatic Gluconeogenesis through Autophagy Induction강은석, 김철훈, 윤미진, 이명식, 이향규, 차봉수, 허규연Article
2015Oligonol suppresses lipid accumulation and improves insulin resistance in a palmitate-induced in HepG2 hepatocytes as a cellular steatosis model 이향규Article
2014Oxidative Stress for the Stroke : A Review of Mechanisms 이향규Article
2014Predominance of small dense LDL differentiates metabolically unhealthy from metabolically healthy overweight adults in Korea김수, 이덕철, 이지원, 이향규, 이혜선Article
2014산모의 모유수유 적응과 모유 내 면역물질에 영향을 미치는심리사회적 요인 김수, 김은숙, 신가영, 이향규, 한지희Article
2014Inhibition of Adipogenesis by Oligonol through Akt-mTOR Inhibition in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes 이향규Article
2014유방암 환자의 증상경험 영향요인: 불쾌증상이론을 중심으로 김상희, 이향규Article
2013Understanding of Antioxidants Mechanism in Clinical Nursing Practice 이향규Article
2013Cu/Zn Incorporation During Purification of Soluble Human EC-SOD from E. coli Stabilizes Proper Disulfide Bond Formation이향규Article
2013Visceral adiposity is associated with SIRT1 expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells: A pilot study 이지원, 이향규, 추상희Article
2013Discovery of DiPeptidyl Peptidase-4 Gene Variants and the Associations with Efficacy of Vildagliptin in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes - A Pilot Study 강은석, 권오빈, 김철훈, 김현민, 왕혜진, 이향규, 최연정, 최은영Article
2012동영상 운동프로그램이 항암 화학요법을 받는 암환자의 피로와 신체기능 및 정서상태에 미치는 효과 이향규, 최혜진Article
2012Serum carcinoembryonic antigen is associated with abdominal visceral fat accumulation in female Korean nonsmokers 이덕철, 이지연, 이지원, 이향규Article
2012Requirement for Pak3 in Rac1-induced organization of actin and myosin during Drosophila larval wound healing.이향규Article
2011노화관련 질환에서 mTOR의 억제제의 임상적 적용과 가능성 이지원, 이향규, 추상희Article
2011건강캠프에 참여한 학령기 아동의 생행동적 특성과 비만 위험요인 김희순, 이향규, 추상희Article
2011Regulation of skin inflammation and angiogenesis by EC-SOD via HIF-1α and NF-κB pathways이향규Article
2010Nonmuscle myosin II localization is regulated by JNK during Drosophila larval wound healing이향규Article
2010Rho-family small GTPases are required for cell polarization and directional sensing in Drosophila wound healing이향규Article
2005Drosophila peptidoglycan recognition protein LC (PGRP-LC) acts as a signal-transducing innate immune receptor 이향규Article