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원종욱 [Won, Jong Uk]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Preventive Medicine
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2019The role of customer service manual on workplace emotional burden in nationwide cross sectional study 김영광, 김지현, 원종욱, 윤세현, 윤진하Article
2019물리치료사 및 작업치료사의 감정노동이 우울에 미치는 영향노재훈, 원종욱Article
2019Injury epidemiology of workers by age, sex and industrial classification using the medical claim data of National Health Insurance in South Korea, 2012-2015: a population-based retrospective study 김지현, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2019Association between the return-to-work hierarchy and self-rated health, self-esteem, and self-efficacy노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2019Changes in Income after an Industrial Accident According to Industry and Return-to-Work Status 노재훈, 박화미, 원종욱Article
2018The Relationship between Free Press and Under-Reporting of Non-Fatal Occupational Injuries with Data from Representative National Indicators, 2015: Focusing on the Lethality Rate of Occupational Injuries among 39 Countries 김지현, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2018Income Changes Due to Disability Ratings and Participation in Economic Activities Caused by Industrial Accidents: A Population-Based Study of Data from the Fourth Panel Study of Workers' Compensation Insurance (PSWCI)노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2018Ten-year prediction of suicide death using Cox regression and machine learning in a nationwide retrospective cohort study in South Korea김덕원, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2018Differences in the performance of health officers at the workplace according to their qualifications 김영광, 김지현, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2018Irregular work schedule and sleep disturbance in occupational drivers-A nationwide cross-sectional study 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2018Predictors and estimation of risk for early exit from working life by poor health among middle and older aged workers in Korea 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2017Risk factors of suicide attempt among people with suicidal ideation in South Korea: a cross-sectional study 김덕원, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2017Symptoms of Nervous System Related Disorders among Workers Exposed to Occupational Noise and Vibration in Korea노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2017The association between subjective socioeconomic status and health inequity in victims of occupational accidents in Korea 김영광, 김지현, 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2017The Association between Osteoarthritis and Occupational Clusters in the Korean Population: A Nationwide Study 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2017Relationship between long working hours and periodontitis among the Korean workers 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2017The relationship between occupational noise and vibration exposure and headache/eyestrain, based on the fourth Korean Working Condition Survey (KWCS) 김영광, 김지현, 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2017The Association between Involuntary Smoking Exposure with Urine Cotinine Level and Blood Cadmium Level in General Non-Smoking Populations 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2017Relationship Between Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke in the Workplace and Occupational Injury in the Republic of Korea김영광, 김지현, 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2016The Perceived Socioeconomic Status Is an Important Factor of Health Recovery for Victims of Occupational Accidents in Korea 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2016Hospital Qualities Related to Return to Work from Occupational Injury after Controlling for Injury Severity as Well as Occupational Characteristics 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2016The Association Between Blood Mercury Levels and Risk for Overweight in a General Adult Population: Results from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey김영광, 김치년, 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2016Metabolic outcomes of workers according to the International Standard Classification of Occupations in Korea노재훈, 염형선, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2016Post-traumatic stress disorder and occupational characteristics of police officers in Republic of Korea: a cross-sectional study 김인아, 노재훈, 원종욱Article
2016Concealing Emotions at Work Is Associated with Allergic Rhinitis in Korea. 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2016A dose-response relationship between long working hours and unmet need for access to hospital facilities김영광, 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2016The association between low blood lead levels and the prevalence of prehypertension among nonhypertensive adults in Korea노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형Article
2016The risk of occupational injury increased according to severity of noise exposure after controlling for occupational environment status in Korea김치년, 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2015Relationship between Long Working Hours and Suicidal Thoughts: Nationwide Data from the 4th and 5th Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 노재훈, 석홍덕, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2015Workplace Violence Experienced by Substitute (Daeri) Drivers and Its Relationship to Depression in Korea 노재훈, 석홍덕, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형, 이준희Article
2015Dose - response relationship between noise exposure and the risk of occupational injury김치년, 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2015The association between blood cadmium level and airflow obstruction in Korean men김인아, 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2015Factors related to the physician and the employer influencing successful return to work in Korea: results from the first panel study of workers' compensation insurance (PSWCI) 김영광, 노재훈, 석홍덕, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형, 이준희Article
2015Relationship between symptoms of dry eye syndrome and occupational characteristics: the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2010-2012 노재훈, 석홍덕, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형, 이준희Article
2015The association between sleep duration and dry eye syndrome among Korean adults노재훈, 석홍덕, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형, 이준희Article
2015Case report of renal cell carcinoma in automobile manufacturing factory worker due to trichloroethylene exposure in Korea 노재훈, 석홍덕, 원종욱, 이준희, 황정호Article
2014의료기관 KOSHA 18001 도입에 관한 연구 김인아, 노재훈, 원종욱Article
2014The association between concealing emotions at work and medical utilization in Korea 김인아, 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이준희, 정필균Article
2014Occupational Noise Annoyance Linked to Depressive Symptoms and Suicidal Ideation: A Result from Nationwide Survey of Korea 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하, 이완형, 정필균Article
2014유증기 회수설비 유무에 따른 주유소 근로자들의 요중 trans, trans-Muconic acid, Hippuric acid에 관한 연구 김치년, 노재훈, 원종욱Article
2014대사증후군 구성요소와 유기용제 노출과의 관계 김치년, 노재훈, 원종욱Article
2014Compensation for Work-Related Cerebrocardiovascular Diseases 김인아, 원종욱Article
2014Poor Lung Function Has Inverse Relationship with Microalbuminuria, an Early Surrogate Marker of Kidney Damage and Atherosclerosis: The 5th Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 노재훈, 원종욱, 윤진하Article
2014Population based study of the association between binge drinking and mortality from cancer of oropharynx and esophagus in korean men: the Kangwha cohort study. 남정모, 박은철, 오희철, 원종욱Article
2013Actual cardiovascular disease risk and related factors a cross-sectional study of korean blue collar workers employed by small businesses원종욱Article
2013시료채취 방법에 따른 작업 공정별 Toluene diisocyanates 포집농도 비교 김치년, 노재훈, 원종욱Article
2013Two cases of lung cancer in foundry workers. 김인아, 노재훈, 원종욱, 유인실, 정인철Article
2013Autonomic dysfunction of overweight combined with low muscle mass김인아, 노재훈, 원종욱, 황정호Article
2013Working Hours and Cardiovascular Disease in Korean Workers: A Case-control Study 김인아, 박유석, 원종욱, 유인실, 정인철, 정필균Article
2013Return-to-Work According to Impairment type among occupationally injured workers in Korea 원종욱, 정인철Article