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Ethylene glycol류의 작업환경측정 시 탈착용매 종류에 따른 탈착효율 비교

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 The Comparison of the Desorption Efficiency according to the Kind of the Desorption Solvent when Measuring the Working Environment of the Kinds of the Ethylene Glycol 
 김성훈  ;  김치년  ;  김기연  ;  김홍관  ;  원종욱 
 Korean Journal of Hazardous Materials (한국위험물학회지), Vol.8(1) : 1-8, 2020-06 
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Korean Journal of Hazardous Materials (한국위험물학회지 )
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grab sample medium ; reproduction toxic substance
The objectives of this study are to select the proper desorption solvent and the grab sample medium which improve the desorption efficiency when measuring the working environment for Ethylene glycol known for the repreduction toxic substance. Each substance was directly injected into the grab sample medium in a concentration level of the domestic exposure standard 0.1 times, 0.5 times, and 1 time, and was analyzed under the same condition as when measuring the real working environment. EGME, EGEE, and EGMEA showed a high desorption efficiency when using the desorption solvent of 5% MeOH in MC in 2 kinds of grab sample media, and showed a high desorption efficiency in Anasorb 747 tube. However, although characoal tube’s desorption efficiency was lower than Anasorb 747 tube, it showed a better reproducibility. It is judged that it will be appropriate to use the charcoal tube as the grab sample medium and use the desorption solvent of 5% MeOH in MC with regard to EGME, EGEE, and EGMEA.
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