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Kim, Tae Hyun [김태현]
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Graduate School of Public Health (보건대학원) - Graduate School of Public Health (보건대학원)
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2015급성상기도감염 환자의 항생제 처방에 영향을 주는 요인 Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration (보건행정학회지)
2015암생존자의 암검진 미수검 관련 요인분석: 국민건강영양조사(2007-2012년) 자료 이용 Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration (보건행정학회지)
2015Home oxygen therapy reduces risk of hospitalisation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a population-based retrospective cohort study, 2005-2012 BMJ OPEN
2015Health care utilization and costs among medical-aid enrollees, the poor not enrolled in medical-aid, and the near poor in South Korea INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR EQUITY IN HEALTH
2015The Association between Continuity of Care and All-Cause Mortality in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Population-Based Retrospective Cohort Study, 2005-2012 PLOS ONE
2015Combined effects of education level and perceived social class on self-rated health and life satisfaction: Results of Korean labor and income panel study wave 8-wave 15 HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE OUTCOMES
2015Healthcare Spending and Performance of Specialty Hospitals: Nationwide Evidence from Colorectal-Anal Specialty Hospitals in South Korea YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2015Does hospital need more hospice beds? Hospital charges and length of stays by lung cancer inpatients at their end of life: A retrospective cohort design of 2002-2012PALLIATIVE MEDICINE
2015Hospital Acquisitions Before Healthcare ReformJournal of Health Care Management
2015The effect of high medical expenses on household income in South Korea: a longitudinal study using propensity score matching BMC HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH
2015Effects of drug price reduction and prescribing restrictions on expenditures and utilisation of antihypertensive drugs in Korea BMJ OPEN
2015Association of Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors With Risk Factors for Chronic Kidney Disease Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
2015일개 대학병원 외래환자의 예약부도(No-Show) 관련요인 Korean Public Health Research (대한보건연구)
2015Does home oxygen therapy slow down the progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases? Korean Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care (한국호스피스완화의료학회지)
2015Quantile regression analyses of associated factors for body mass index in Korean adolescentsPUBLIC HEALTH
2015Mortality, length of stay, and inpatient charges for heart failure patients at public versus private hospitals in South Korea YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2015The association of market competition with hospital charges, length of stay, and quality outcomes for patients with joint diseases: a longitudinal study in KoreaASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
2015Factors influencing unmet need for health care services in KoreaASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
2015The relationship between changes in employment status and mortality risk based on the Korea Labor and Income Panel Study (2003-2008)ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
2015Impact of body mass on job qualityECONOMICS & HUMAN BIOLOGY
2014Governmental designation of spine specialty hospitals, their characteristics, performance and designation effects: a longitudinal study in Korea. BMJ OPEN
2014우리나라 만성콩팥병으로 인한 사회경제적 부담 추정에 관한 연구 Korean Public Health Research (대한보건연구)
2014민간의료보험과 미충족 의료와의 관계 Journal of Health Informatics and Statistics (보건정보통계학회지)
2014Heterogeneity in TV Fast Food Advertisement Exposure in South KoreaAMERICAN JOURNAL OF HEALTH BEHAVIOR
2014Food away from home and body mass outcomes: Taking heterogeneity into account enhances quality of resultsNUTRITION
2014Copayment policy effects on healthcare spending and utilization by korean lung cancer patients at end of life: a retrospective cohort design 2003-2012. ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION
2013퇴원환자 요약정보를 이용한 이탈환자 특성과 관련 요인 연구 : 일개 대학병원 사례 Journal of Health Informatics and Statistics (보건정보통계학회지)
2013An analysis of the inpatient charge and length of stay for patients with joint diseases in Korea: Specialty versus small general hospitalsHEALTH POLICY
2013A Profile of Hospitals With Leadership Development ProgramsHEALTH CARE MANAGER
2013Analyses of Direct and Indirect Impacts of a Positive List System on Pharmaceutical R&D InvestmentsCLINICAL THERAPEUTICS
2013Trends in exposure to television food advertisements in South KoreaAPPETITE
2013Beverage consumption and individual-level associations in South Korea BMC PUBLIC HEALTH
2013Socioeconomic disparity in cervical cancer screening among Korean women: 1998-2010 BMC PUBLIC HEALTH
2012Succession planning in hospitals and the association with organizational performanceNURSING ECONOMICS
2012Organizational and market factors associated with leadership development programs in hospitals: a national studyJournal of Health Care Management
2012The performance of the leveraged buyout of the Hospital Corporation of America, Inc.HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT REVIEW
2011종합병원 중간관리자의 역량군별 중요도 인식과 수행수준 차이 및 요인분석 Korean Journal of Hospital Management