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2021Genetic alteration and the role of Notch signaling in hearing loss with ski-slope pattern audiogramDissertation
2021Comprehensive analysis of the genetic mutation spectrum of Koreans being evaluated for familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) Dissertation
2021Application of mutant enrichment technologies to improve the clinical sensitivity of plasma epidermal growth factor receptor testing in non-small cell lung cancer patients Dissertation
2021Human taste bud organoids recapitulate in vivo cellular diversity and functionalityDissertation
2020Development of a clinical next generation sequencing panel for diagnosis of cystic lung diseases : evaluation of diagnostic yield and optimization of bioinformatics pipelines Dissertation
2020Red Blood Cell Generation for Diagnostic Reagents Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Co-cultured with the OP9 Cell Line Dissertation
2019Clinical validation of donor-derived DNA in the urine of kidney transplantation recipientsDissertation
2017Platelet Storage Lesion Accelerates Desialylation of Platelets and Increases Hepatic Thrombopoietin Production Dissertation
2017Platelet storage lesion accelerates desialylation of platelets and increases hepatic thrombopoietin production Dissertation
2017Profiling cancer-associated genetic alterations and molecular classification of cancer in Korean gastric cancer patients Dissertation
2015Effect of major histocompatibility complex haplotype matching by C4 and MICA genotyping on acute graft versus host disease in unrelated hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Dissertation
2012Population-specific spectrum of factor XI mutations in Koreans: evidence for a founder effect Dissertation
2011재조합 변이 섬유소원의 발현을 통한 생화학적 성상의 규명 Dissertation
2011Molecular characteristics of second-line drug resistance in multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Dissertation
2012Allele frequencies of human leukocyte antigen-G in Korean population Dissertation
2004급성 백혈병 및 재생불량성 빈혈에서 골수기질세포의 성상 및 유전자 발현 Dissertation
1990효소면역법에 의한 혈소판 교차시험Dissertation
2009Enhanced hepatic differentiation of human cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells using activin A-based protocol Dissertation
1995고지혈증을 보이는 인슐린비의존성 당뇨병 환자에서의 Apolipoprotein E 다형성Dissertation
1980말초혈액 임파구의 E및 EAC로젵 형성율과 세포표면 면역글로부린에 관한 연구Dissertation

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