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의예과 교육의 역사적 발전과 교육과정 편성 방향 고찰

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 A Study of the Historical Development and Directions of Premedical Education 
 정한나  ;  양은배 
 Korean Medical Education Review (의학교육논단), Vol.19(3) : 115-120, 2017 
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Korean Medical Education Review(의학교육논단)
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Premedical education ; Curriculum ; Humanities
Despite the importance of how the premedical education curriculum is organized, the basic direction of the curriculum has not been evaluated at a fundamental level. In order to explore the basic directions of the premedical education curriculum, this study examined medical education as a university education, the historical basis of premedical education, and the direction of the premedical education curriculum. Historically, as medical education was incorporated into the university education system, premedical education developed based on basic science and liberal arts education. Accordingly, the direction of the premedical education curriculum began to split into two approaches: one believing in a basic science-based education intended to serve as the foundation of medical training, and the other believing in a liberal arts-based education intended to cultivate the qualities of a doctor. In recent years, however, the binary division in the direction of premedical education has ceased to exist, and the paradigm has now shifted to an agreement that premedical education must cultivate the basic scientific competence required for learning medical knowledge as well as the social qualities that a doctor should have, which are cultivated through the liberal arts. Furthermore, it has been asserted that the direction of premedical education should move toward the qualities that will be required in the future. With the fourth industrial revolution underway, the role of doctors is now being re-examined. This means that today’s medical education must change in a future-oriented way, and the direction of the premedical education curriculum must be on the same page.
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