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인문사회의학 교육과정에서 사회봉사체험실습 프로그램에 대한 학생 인식

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 Students’ Perspectives on Integrating a Social Service Program into a Medical Humanities and Social Science Curriculum 
 김평만  ;  김수정  ;  강화선 
 17(3): 140 - 147 
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 Korean Medical Education Review 
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Medical humanities and social science curriculum ; Teaching and learning methods ; Social service ; Social responsibility ; Experiential learning
Medical education can provide students with an opportunity to encounter marginalized communities and motivate them to become involved with the needs of disadvantaged people. The College of Medicine of The Catholic University of Korea includes a social service program in the medical humanities and social sciences curriculum. The course has lectures on social welfare, human rights, and social service, as well as four days of social service in ‘Flower Village,’ which is a Catholic social welfare institution. This study analyzes the satisfaction, feedback, and reflection papers of students who completed the social service program and provides an educational model for the medical humanities and social sciences. Students’ satisfaction with the program was scored at 4.23 out of 5. A qualitative study of students’ reflection papers derived 7 key phrases, among which ‘nature and practice of social service,’ ‘holistic understanding of humans,’ ‘empathy and communication,’ and ‘social responsibility’ are identified as goals of this program and ‘happiness,’ ‘respect for human life,’ and ‘compassion’ are good indicators of students’ compassionate participation. Encounters with marginalized communities within the medical curriculum allows students to serve people with social difficulties and work for the improvement of their living conditions. Students learn to approach social needs with concern and empathy and seek ways to contribute to those communities
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