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의학교육기관의 학생연구: 왜 우리는 학생연구를 말하는가?

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 Student Research in Basic Medical Education: Why Do We Say Student Research? 
 17(2): 57 - 59 
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 Korean Medical Education Review 
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Basic medical education ; Self-directed learning ; Student research
Student research has been proposed as an educational strategy to fulfill the current requirements in basic medical education (BME) and to compatible with the self-directed development of professionalism. It is commonly accepted that the goals of student research are to develop the competencies of critical, reflective, and self-directed thinking; problem-solving; and creativity; as well as to acquire the skills necessary to search for information and analyze the literature; to cultivate the talent of mastering a specialized field through deeply intensified learning; and to establish close relationships between students and supervisors. To successfully implement student research, authorities on BME should to plan the procedure for the student research projects and allocate personal and material resources adequately in order to provide the opportunity for self-evaluation and reflection through the completion of daily records, to develop the habit of consistently evaluating ones own study, and to maintain a collegial relationship between students and supervisors by offering the proper feedbacks in a timely and consistent manner. In conclusion, despite several obstacles and difficulties in the establishment of successful student research projects, student research could provide students the motivation to develop themselves into expert academic researchers, and play a role in educating students to help solve patients problems based on scientific evidence in the future
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