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백형선 [Baik, Hyoung Seon]
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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Orthodontics
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2019Diagnosis and Surgical Outcomes of Facial Asymmetry According to the Occlusal Cant and Menton Deviation백형선, 정휘동, 최윤정Article
2018Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment In A Middle-Aged Patient With Missing Maxillary Left First Premolar: A Case Report백형선, 최성환Article
2018Precision and trueness of dental models manufactured with different 3-dimensional printing techniques백형선, 신유석, 정휘동, 차정열, 황충주Article
2018Three-dimensional computed tomography analysis of mandibular morphology in patients with facial asymmetry and mandibular retrognathism김경호, 백형선, 이기준Article
2017Effects of bodily retraction of mandibular incisors versus mandibular setback surgery on pharyngeal airway space: A comparative study 백형선, 이기준, 최성환, 최윤정Article
2017Transport distraction osteogenesis combined with orthodontic treatment in a patient with unilateral temporomandibular joint ankylosis박형식, 백형선Article
2016Changes in the craniofacial complex and alveolar bone height of young adults: Applications to dental medicine김기덕, 백형선, 차정열, 최성환, 허경석, 황충주Article
2016Five-year investigation of a large orthodontic patient population at a dental hospital in South Korea. 김성진, 박용욱, 백형선, 유형석, 차정열Article
2016Evaluation of stability after pre-orthodontic orthognathic surgery using cone-beam computed tomography: A comparison with conventional treatment 백형선, 이기준, 정영수Article
2016Is There a Difference in Stability After Intraoral Vertical Ramus Osteotomy Between Vertically High-Angle and Normal-Angle Patients?백형선, 정영수, 차정열, 최성환, 황충주Article
2016Paraspinal muscle, facet joint, and disc problems: risk factors for adjacent segment degeneration after lumbar fusion구성욱, 김근수, 김긍년, 류달성, 박정윤, 백형선, 조용은, 진동규Article
2016안면비대칭을 동반한 골격성 III급 부정교합의 수술교정 치험례백형선Article
2016Stability of Pre-Orthodontic Orthognathic Surgery Using Intraoral Vertical Ramus Osteotomy Versus Conventional Treatment백형선, 이기준, 정영수, 최성환, 황충주Article
2015Mandibular molar protraction as an alternative treatment for edentulous spaces: Focus on changes in root length and alveolar bone height김성진, 김진욱, 백형선, 성의향, 이기준Article
2015Three-dimensional effect of pitch, roll, and yaw rotations on maxillomandibular complex movement김성진, 백형선, 유형석, 이기준, 정영수Article
2015하이브리드 장치를 이용한 안면비대칭 성장기 환자의 치험례백형선Article
2015Assessment of masticatory function in patients with non-sagittal occlusal discrepancies김백일, 김희진, 박영철, 백형선, 이기준, 정주령, 최태현Article
2015Effect of a second injection of botulinum toxin on lower facial contouring, as evaluated using 3-dimensional laser scanning김성택, 백형선, 이기준Article
2015Diagnosis and evaluation of skeletal Class III patients with facial asymmetry for orthognathic surgery using three-dimensional computed tomography김성진, 백형선, 유형석, 황충주Article
2015Accelerated Bone Formation in Distracted Alveolar Bone After Injection of Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2김희진, 뭉해돌람, 백형선, 유형석, 차정열, 황충주Article
2014Dentoalveolar compensation according to skeletal discrepancy and overjet in skeletal Class lll patients김경호, 김성진, 백형선, 유형석Article
2014Mandibular posterior anatomic limit for molar distalization김성진, 박영철, 백형선, 이기준, 최태현Article
2014Morphological and molecular changes associated with Pitchfork during mouse palate development백형선, 이민정, 이여문, 정한성Article
2014횡적 부조화를 동반한 안면비대칭 환자의 수술교정 치험례백형선Article
2014Correlation Analysis of Three-Dimensional Changes of Hard and Soft Tissues in Class III Orthognathic Surgery Patients Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography.김경호, 김기덕, 백형선, 유형석, 정영수Article
2014Local application of periodontal ligament stromal cells promotes soft tissue regeneration백형선, 이기준, 정주령Article
2013차등적 구치부 원심 이동을 통한 lll급 비대칭 환자의 절충 치료 치험례김성진, 백형선Article
2013Morphologic relationship between the cranial base and the mandible in patients with facial asymmetry and mandibular prognathism김성진, 백형선, 이기준, 이상휘Article
2012Parry-Romberg Syndrome 환자에서 악정형 및 교정 치료 백형선Article
2012Treatment of ankylosed maxillary central incisors by segmental osteotomy with autogenous bone graft민연숙, 백형선Article
2011Orthopedic and orthodontic treatment of Parry-Romberg syndrome백형선Article
2011상악 전치부 유착과 개방교합을 동반한 III급 부정교합의 수술교정 치험례백형선Article
2011브라켓의 접착 전후 입술 주위 연조직의 3차원적 변화 백형선, 유형석, 이기준Article
2011군집분석을 통한 한국인 성인 골격성 제 II급 부정교합의 아분류 김경호, 김백일, 백형선, 이기준Article
2011구순구개열환자의 상악 전방분절 골신장술식을 이용한 교정 치험례 백형선, 유형석, 차정열Article
2010Three-dimensional computed tomography analysis of mandibular morphology in patients with facial asymmetry and mandibular prognathism.백형선, 이기준, 이상휘Article
2010Facial soft-tissue changes in skeletal Class III orthognathic surgery patients analyzed with 3-dimensional laser scanning.백형선Article
2010A new concept for the cephalometric evaluation of craniofacial patterns (multiharmony). 백형선, 이기준Article
2010Romberg syndrome 환자의 치험례백형선Article
2009Expression of IL-1beta, MMP-9 and TIMP-1 on the pressure side of gingiva under orthodontic loading백형선, 이기준Article
2009Presurgical and postsurgical orthodontics in patients with cleft lip and palate백형선Article
2009구치부 압하를 통한 전치부 개방교합의 치험례백형선Article
2009Surface anatomy of the lip elevator muscles for the treatment of gummy smile using botulinum toxin김성택, 김희진, 백형선, 이기준, 허경석, 허미선Article
20093차원 전산화 단층 사진을 이용한 안면비대칭 환자의 악교정 수술 전, 후 교근 분석 백형선, 유형석, 황충주Article
20093D-CT를 이용한 골격성 III급 개방교합자의 악교정 수술 전, 후 설골 및 상기도의 변화 백형선, 유형석, 이기준Article
2008Die Grenzen der kieferorthopadischen Behandlung und der camouflage-Behandlung bei Klasse-III-Dysgnathien백형선Article
2008Miniscrew imolant를 이용한 구치부 근심이동의 치험례백형선Article
2008Morphological characteristics of the symphyseal region in adult skeletal Class III crossbite and openbite malocclusions.백형선, 정주령Article
2007Comparison of the shear bond strength of brackets using the led curing light and plasma arc curing light:polymerization time백형선, 유형석, 이기준Article
2007Facial soft-tissue analysis of Korean adults with normal occlusion using a 3-dimensional laser scanner백형선Article