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Ahn, So Hyun [안소현]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Radiation Oncology (방사선종양학교실)

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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2022Analysis of criteria applied to Tomotherapy DQA using statistical process control (SPC)JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY
2022Development of Total Lymphoid Irradiation (TLI)-Dedicated Shielding and Image-Guided System and Dose Evaluation Using 3D-Printed Rat Phantom FRONTIERS IN VETERINARY SCIENCE
2022Clinical Application Study of Semi-cylindrical Beam Spoiler for Radiation Treatment of Early-stage Glottic Cancer Patients IN VIVO
2022Analysis of radiation safety management status of medical linear accelerator facilities in KoreaNUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY
2022Usefulness of Semi-cylindrical Beam Spoiler in Treatment of Early Glottic Cancer Using 6 MV Photon Beam IN VIVO
2021Status of Domestic and International Recommendations for Protection Design and Evaluation of Medical Linear Accelerator Facilities Progress in Medical Physics
2021Measurements of Neutron Activation and Dose Rate Induced by High-Energy Medical Linear Accelerator Progress in Medical Physics
2018Impact of the Respiratory Motion and Longitudinal Profile on Helical Tomotherapy Korean Journal of Medical Physics (의학물리)
2017Statistical process control analysis for patient quality assurance of intensity modulated radiation therapyJOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY
2016An Empirical Approach to Dosimetric Effect of Carbon Fiber Couch for Flattening Filter Free Beam of Elekta LINAC Korean Journal of Medical Physics (의학물리)
2016Feasibility Study of a Custom-made Film for End-to-End Quality Assurance Test of Robotic Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy System Korean Journal of Medical Physics (의학물리)