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황영선 [Hwang, Young Sun]
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2013An orthotopic and osteolytic model with a newly established oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line박광균, 장향란, 정원윤, 황영선Article
2013The Inhibitory Effect of Buddlejasaponin IV on the Growth of YD-10B Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells 김기림, 박광균, 정원윤, 황영선Article
2012Functional invadopodia formation through stabilization of the PDPN transcript by IMP-3 and cancer-stromal crosstalk for PDPN expression.박광균, 장향란, 정원윤, 황영선Article
2012Role of insulin-like growth factor-II mRNA-binding protein-3 in invadopodia formation and the growth of oral squamous cell carcinoma in athymic nude mice.김진, 박광균, 정원윤, 차인호, 황영선Article
2012Secretion of IL-6 and IL-8 from lysophosphatidic acid-stimulated oral squamous cell carcinoma promotes osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption박광균, 이선경, 정원윤, 황영선Article
2012Kalopanaxsaponin A inhibits the invasion of human oral squamous cell carcinoma by reducing metalloproteinase-9 mRNA stability and protein trafficking 박광균, 정원윤, 황영선Article
2012Invadopodia formation in oral squamous cell carcinoma: the role of epidermal growth factor receptor signalling박광균, 정원윤, 황영선Article
2012Characterization of newly established oral squamous cell carcinoma; 33-bp deletion in exons 3-4 of the p53 tumor suppressor gene김진, 박광균, 정원윤, 황영선Article
2011Buddlejasaponin IV induces cell cycle arrest at G2/M phase and apoptosis in immortalized human oral keratinocytes.김진, 박광균, 정원윤, 황영선Article
2011구강암 세포주를 이종이식한 설암의 동소위 누드마우스 모델 김소미, 장향란, 차인호, 황영선Article
2009Morphogenesis and biological significance of spindle cell transformation in a spindle cell carcinoma김기열, 김은정, 김진, 박영진, 정다운, 차충민, 황영선Article
2009구강암 세포주의 이소위 누드마우스 종양 모델 김현실, 남웅, 차인호, 황영선Article
2009Kalopanaxsaponin A inhibits PMA-induced invasion by reducing matrix metalloproteinase-9 via PI3K/Akt- and PKCdelta-mediated signaling in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells 박광균, 정원윤, 황영선Article
2008Hemin inhibits cyclooxygenase-2 expression through nuclear factor-kappa B activation and ornithine decarboxylase expression in 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate-treated mouse skin박광균, 박재희, 이창기, 정원윤, 황영선Article
2008MDA-MB-231 인체 전이성 유방암 세포의 침윤에 대한 Kalopanaxsaponin A의 억제 효능 박광균, 정원윤, 황영선Article