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Chu, Min Kyung [주민경]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Neurology (신경과학교실)
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2023Efficacy and Safety of Galcanezumab as a Preventive Treatment for Episodic Migraine in South Korean Patients: A Post-Hoc Analysis of a Phase 3 Clinical Trial JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY
2023Visual Aura in Non-Migraine Headaches: A Population Study JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2023군발두통의 임상 양상으로 나타난 해면정맥동혈전정맥염 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association(대한신경과학회지)
2023Development and validation of an artificial intelligence model for the early classification of the aetiology of meningitis and encephalitis: a retrospective observational study ECLINICALMEDICINE
2023Headache in Pediatric Moyamoya Disease after Revascularization SurgeryCEREBROVASCULAR DISEASES
2023Altered interictal serum histamine and immunoglobulin E but unchanged tryptase levels in individuals with episodic and chronic migraine CEPHALALGIA
2023Longitudinal Trends in Sleep and Related Factors Among South Korean Adults From 2009 to 2018 JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY
2023Treatment pattern and response for cluster headache in Korea: A prospective multicenter observation studyCEPHALALGIA
2023Altered gut microbiota in individuals with episodic and chronic migraine SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Sleep state of the elderly population in Korea: Nationwide cross-sectional population-based study FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY
2022Development and Validation of MRI-Based Radiomics Models for Diagnosing Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy KOREAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY
2022No change in interictal C-reactive protein levels in individuals with episodic and chronic migraine: A case-control study and literature review FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY
2022Prevalence Rates of Primary Headache Disorders and Evaluation and Treatment Patterns Among Korean Neurologists JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY
2022편두통 환자에서 자살경향성과 위험인자 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association(대한신경과학회지)
2022Association Between Nap and Reported Cognitive Function and Role of Sleep Debt: A Population-Based Study JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY
2022Clinical characteristics of medication-overuse headache according to the class of acute medication: A cross-sectional multicenter studyHEADACHE
2022Crystal-clear days and unclear days in migraine: A population-based studyHEADACHE
2022Characteristics of pre-cluster symptoms in cluster headache: A cross-sectional multicentre studyCEPHALALGIA
2022Fatigue is associated with depression independent of excessive daytime sleepiness in the general populationSLEEP AND BREATHING
2022Interictal plasma endothelin-1 levels do not change in individuals with episodic and chronic migraineCEPHALALGIA
2022Pembrolizumab 사용과 관련된 자가면역뇌염 1예 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association(대한신경과학회지)
2022Interim analysis of the Registry for Load and Management of Medication Overuse Headache (RELEASE): A multicenter, comprehensive medication overuse headache registryCEPHALALGIA
2022Development and validation of a web-based headache diagnosis questionnaire SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2022Interictal plasma glutamate levels are elevated in individuals with episodic and chronic migraine SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2022Diagnostic Delay and Its Predictors in Cluster Headache FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY
2022ATP1A2 유전자 변이를 보인 산발반신마비 편두통 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association(대한신경과학회지)
2022Granulocyte Macrophage-Colony Stimulating Factor Produces a Splenic Subset of Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells That Efficiently Polarize T Helper Type 2 Cells in Response to Blood-Borne Antigen FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY
2022Prevalence and impact of visual aura in migraine and probable migraine: a population study SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2021Classifying migraine subtypes and their characteristics by latent class analysis using data of a nation-wide population-based study SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2021Weekend catch-up sleep and depression: results from a nationally representative sample in KoreaSLEEP MEDICINE
2021Disability and Economic Loss Caused by Headache among Information Technology Workers in KoreaJOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY
2021Impact of Insomnia Symptoms on the Clinical Presentation of Depressive Symptoms: A Cross-Sectional Population Study FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY
2021Survey on Antiepileptic Drug Therapy in Patients with Drug Resistant Epilepsy Journal of Epilepsy Research
2021Validity and reliability of the self-administered Visual Aura Rating Scale questionnaire for migraine with aura diagnosis: A prospective clinic-based studyHEADACHE
2021Burden of migraine and unmet needs from the patients' perspective: a survey across 11 specialized headache clinics in KoreaJOURNAL OF HEADACHE AND PAIN
2021Global Gene Expression of T Cells Is Differentially Regulated by Peritoneal Dendritic Cell Subsets in an IL-2 Dependent Manner FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY
2021Smoking History and Clinical Features of Cluster Headache: Results from the Korean Cluster Headache Registry JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY
2021Clinical features of cluster headache without cranial autonomic symptoms: results from a prospective multicentre study SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2021Clinical characteristics of pre-attack symptoms in cluster headache: A large series of Korean patientsCEPHALALGIA
2021Exercise in Treatment of Migraine Including Chronic MigraineCURRENT PAIN AND HEADACHE REPORTS
2021Prevalence, Disability, and Management Patterns of Migraine in Korea: Nationwide Survey Data from 2009 and 2018 JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROLOGY
2021Prevalence and characteristics of cutaneous allodynia in probable migraine SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2020편두통과 수면질환 Journal of Sleep Medicine
2020Nasal pain as an aura: Amygdala origin?SEIZURE-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPILEPSY
2020운동으로 유발되고 관상동맥우회술로 호전된 심장두통 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association
2020Sex differences in the association between chronotype and risk of depression SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2020The Effect of Psychiatric Comorbidities on Headache-Related Disability in Migraine: Results From the Chronic Migraine Epidemiology and Outcomes (CaMEO) Study HEADACHE
2020Impacts of migraine on the prevalence and clinical presentation of depression: A population-based studyJOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS
2020대한민국 중기 성인에서 일주기리듬, 수면의 질, 그리고 건강 관련 삶의 질 Journal of Sleep Medicine
2020국내 노인인구에서 도시와 지방 지역에 따른 수면 실태 조사 Journal of Sleep Medicine