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조성래 [Cho, Sung Rae]
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College of Medicine : Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2018Anti-inflammatory Effect of DNA polymeric Molecules in a Cell Model of Osteoarthritis조성래
2018The Differential Effects of Repetitive Magnetic Stimulation in an In Vitro Neuronal Model of Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury 정준호, 조성래
2018Development of Short-Form of the Speech Handicap Index and Its Application to Tongue Cancer Patients 김향희, 조성래, 최은창
2018Application of the Speech Handicap Index on Patients with Parkinson’s Disease 김향희, 조성래
2018High-Frequency Repetitive Magnetic Stimulation Enhances the Expression of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Through Activation of Ca(2+)-Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II-cAMP-Response Element-Binding Protein Pathway 조성래
2018The Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Glutathione-Mediated Xenobiotic Metabolism and Antioxidation in Normal Adult Mice 조성래
2018The Schwann Cell as an Active Synaptic Partner조성래
2018Relationship Between Swallowing Function and Maximum Phonation Time in Patients With Parkinsonism 조성래
2018Environmental Enrichment Upregulates Striatal Synaptic Vesicle-Associated Proteins and Improves Motor Function박은숙, 조성래
2018Three-dimensional brain-like microenvironments facilitate the direct reprogramming of fibroblasts into therapeutic neurons강훈철, 김동석, 김형표, 조성래
2018An Enriched Environment Ameliorates Oxidative Stress and Olfactory Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease with α-Synucleinopathy 이장우, 조성래
2017Effects of pain Scrambler therapy for management of burn scar pruritus: A pilot study조성래
2017알츠하이머성 치매 환자의 숫자 처리 및 계산 특성 김향희, 조성래
2017Elucidation of Gene Expression Patterns in the Brain after Spinal Cord Injury 조성래
2017Patients with non-ambulatory cerebral palsy have higher sclerostin levels and lower bone mineral density than patients with ambulatory cerebral palsy 이유미, 조성래
2017Outcomes of intrathecal baclofen therapy in patients with cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury 장원석, 조성래
2017Age-Related Changes in Bimanual Instrument Playing with Rhythmic Cueing 조성래
2017Analysis of structure-function network decoupling in the brain systems of spastic diplegic cerebral palsy박은숙, 박해정, 오맹근, 이승구, 조성래
2017Neurobehavioral Assessments in a Mouse Model of Neonatal Hypoxic-ischemic Brain Injury조성래
2017The Applicability of Rhythm-Motor Tasks to a New Dual Task Paradigm for Older Adults 조성래
2016Clinical and Pathological Heterogeneity of Korean Patients with CAPN3 Mutations 김승민, 신하영, 이민구, 이정환, 조성래, 최영철
2016Induction of neurorestoration from endogenous stem cells이지용, 조성래
2016Exploring Erythropoietin and G-CSF Combination Therapy in Chronic Stroke Patients 조성래
2016Differential Expression of Extracellular Matrix and Adhesion Molecules in Fetal-Origin Amniotic Epithelial Cells of Preeclamptic Pregnancy 김영한, 신재일, 유지혜, 조미현, 조성래
2016Effect of extracorporeal shock wave therapy on scar pain in burn patients: A prospective, randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled study 조성래
2016Astroglial Activation by an Enriched Environment after Transplantation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Enhances Angiogenesis after Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury 김형범, 유지혜, 조성래
2016The Modulation of Neurotrophin and Epigenetic Regulators: Implication for Astrocyte Proliferation and Neuronal Cell Apoptosis After Spinal Cord Injury 조성래
2016In Situ Pluripotency Factor Expression Promotes Functional Recovery From Cerebral Ischemia 김명선, 김형범, 유지혜, 조성래
2016Brain Plasticity and Neurorestoration by Environmental Enrichment 유지혜, 조성래
2016In Vivo Expression of Reprogramming Factors Increases Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Synaptic Plasticity in Chronic Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury 유지혜, 조성래
2016Environmental enrichment enhances synaptic plasticity by internalization of striatal dopamine transporters김철훈, 김형범, 유영훈, 이배환, 이종은, 조성래, 최자영
2016Elucidation of Relevant Neuroinflammation Mechanisms Using Gene Expression Profiling in Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 강성웅, 김도영, 김형범, 조성래, 최영철, 하윤
2016Changes in gait patterns induced by rhythmic auditory stimulation for adolescents with acquired brain injury조성래
2016Clinical Outcomes of Correcting Cervical Deformity in Cerebral Palsy Patients김긍년, 신동아, 윤도흠, 이성, 이창규, 조성래, 하윤
2015Adults with spastic cerebral palsy have lower bone mass than those with dyskinetic cerebral palsy김원진, 신윤겸, 이수진, 이유미, 조성래
2015The effect of treadmill exercise on gait efficiency during overground walking in adults with cerebral palsy 신윤겸, 조성래
2015Changes in hyolaryngeal movement and swallowing function after neuromuscular electrical stimulation in patients with Dysphagia 신윤겸, 조성래
2015Recapitulation of in vivo-like paracrine signals of human mesenchymal stem cells for functional neuronal differentiation of human neural stem cells in a 3D microfluidic system유지혜, 조성래
2015Effects of low- and high-frequency repetitive magnetic stimulation on neuronal cell proliferation and growth factor expression: A preliminary report조성래
2015Effect of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation on Hemiplegic Gait Patterns 신윤겸, 조성래
2015성인 뇌성마비 환자에서 경막내 바클로펜 주입 후 용량 의존적 보행 양상 변화 김애령, 신윤겸, 장원석, 장진우, 조성래
2014Time-dependent effect of combination therapy with erythropoietin and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in a mouse model of hypoxic-ischemic brain injury서정화, 유지혜, 이종은, 조성래, 허지회
2014Hand rehabilitation using MIDI keyboard playing in adolescents with brain damage: A preliminary study조성래
2014GABAergic neuronal differentiation induced by brain-derived neurotrophic factor in human mesenchymal stem cells김명선, 서정화, 유지혜, 이민영, 이지용, 조성래
2014Two-Year Outcomes of Deep Brain Stimulation in Adults With Cerebral Palsy 김애령, 박은숙, 장원석, 장진우, 조성래
2014Targeted inversion and reversion of the blood coagulation factor 8 gene in human iPS cells using TALENs 김동욱, 박철용, 조성래
2014Short-term effects of erythropoietin on neurodevelopment in infants with cerebral palsy: A pilot study조성래
2014품사 산출 양상에 따른 여성 노년층의 발화 특성 김향희, 조성래
2014PSA-NCAM+ Neural Precursor Cells from Human Embryonic Stem Cells Promote Neural Tissue Integrity and Behavioral Performance in A Rat Stroke Model김동욱, 양원석, 이동진, 조성래
2013Alteration of Synaptic Activity–Regulating Genes Underlying Functional Improvement by Long-term Exposure to an Enriched Environment in the Adult Brain김철훈, 박은숙, 서정화, 유지혜, 이민영, 조성래
2013Acoustic characteristics of vowel sounds in patients with Parkinson disease손영호, 조성래
2013Environmental Enrichment Synergistically Improves Functional Recovery by Transplanted Adipose Stem Cells in Chronic Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury김동욱, 김지연, 김철훈, 김현옥, 박은숙, 서정화, 유지혜, 이민영, 이종은, 임상희, 조성래
2013Epigenetic regulation in the brain after spinal cord injury: A comparative study 조성래
2013Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 Induced by Enriched Environment Enhances Angiogenesis and Motor Function in Chronic Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury 서정화, 서활, 유지혜, 조성래
2013A validation study of the Korean version of the Swallowing-Quality of Life Scale 김덕용, 김향희, 조성래
2013Balance and Coordination Training for Brain Disorders 조성래
2013Therapeutic effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in an animal model of Parkinson's disease서정화, 유지혜, 조성래
2013Finger exercise with keyboard playing in adults with cerebral palsy: A preliminary study 조성래
2013Neurogenic Effect of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Adult Brain이지용, 조성래
2013Angiogenesis Induced by Physical Exercise in Adult Brain서정화, 조성래
2013Gene Expression Profiling in Parkinson’s Disease김용욱, 조성래
2012Factors affecting bone mineral density in adults with cerebral palsy 서영주, 조성래
2012Differential effects of rhythmic auditory stimulation and neurodevelopmental treatment/Bobath on gait patterns in adults with cerebral palsy: a randomized controlled trial. 박은숙, 조성래
2012Highly pure and expandable PSA-NCAM-positive neural precursors from human ESC and iPSC-derived neural rosettes 강훈철, 김대성, 김동욱, 김한수, 남택상, 임중우, 장지호, 조성래
2012The effect of bilateral globus pallidus internus deep brain stimulation plus ventralis oralis thalamotomy on patients with cerebral palsy김주평, 장원석, 장진우, 조성래
2012Diseases in a Dish: The Challenge of Disease Models Using Induced Pleuripotent Stem Cells조성래
2012Role of Astrocytes for Neurorestoration조성래
2012Neurorestoration induced by mesenchymal stem cells: potential therapeutic mechanisms for clinical trials 서정화, 조성래
2012말 산출에서 피질하 구조의 역할 김향희, 손영호, 조성래
2011Effects of constraint-induced movement therapy on neurogenesis and functional recovery after early hypoxic-ischemic injury in mice.강성웅, 나동욱, 남정모, 박윤길, 박은숙, 이원택, 이종은, 조성래, 한경화
2011Motor pathway injury in patients with periventricular leucomalacia and spastic dipl 김동구, 김응엽, 김철훈, 나동욱, 박범희, 박은숙, 박준영, 박창일, 박해정, 이종두, 조성래
2011신경퇴행성 질환 동물 모델 조성래
2011Induction of Striatal Regeneration Delays Motor Deterioration in a Mouse Model of Huntington’s Disease 김지연, 서정화, 유지혜, 이종은, 조성래
2011Attenuation of Spinal Curvature and Pelvic Obliquity by Body Shape Molded Inner System in Cerebral Palsy with Non-Fixed Scoliosis 박은숙, 조성래
2011운동감소형 마비말장애의 조음교대운동 특성: 속도 및 규칙성김향희, 조성래
2011Combined Therapy of Orthopedic Surgery after Deep Brain Stimulation in Cerebral Palsy Mixed Type - A Case Report - 박은숙, 이기석, 장진우, 조성래
2011Therapeutic effects of erythropoietin and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in stroke유지혜, 조성래
2011Generation of patient and disease specific induced pleuripotent stem cells조성래
2011Imminent fracture in a patient with atypical femoral fracture after prolonged use of bisphosphonates조성래
2011Brain plasticity induced by enriched environment이민영, 조성래
2011Surrogate reporters for enrichment of cells with nuclease-induced mutations조성래
2011Changes in gait patterns with rhythmic auditory stimulation in adults with cerebral palsy박은숙, 조성래
2011Early Immunomodulation by Intravenously Transplanted Mesenchymal Stem Cells Promotes Functional Recovery in Spinal Cord Injured Rats김지연, 김현옥, 서정화, 유지혜, 조성래
2011Effects of Scutellaria baicalensis on neurogenesis in the hippocampal dentate gyrus and on spatial memory of adult rats조성래
2010리듬청각자극을 사용한 편측 경직성 뇌성마비 성인의 보행훈련 사례 연구조성래
2010Induction of striatal neurogenesis enhances functional recovery in an adult animal model of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury김경환, 김현옥, 박국인, 박은숙, 박창일, 유지혜, 이종은, 임상희, 조성래
2010뇌성마비 및 유전성 경직성 하지마비로 오진된 도파반응성 근긴장 이상증 2예 − 증례 보고 − 원유희, 조성래, 최정화
2010외상성 뇌손상 환자에서 리듬청각자극을 통한 보행훈련 효과조성래
2010Gait training and rhythm : a review of rhythmic auditory stimulation조성래
2009상하지 사이클 운동에 의한 에너지 소모량 및 보행 능력 비교 서영주, 조성래
2009뇌졸중에서 Erythropoietin 치료 기전 및 효과임선희, 조성래
2009Functional recovery after the transplantation of neurally differentiated mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone barrow in a rat model of spinal cord injury민유홍, 박창일, 신지철, 이배환, 임종백, 조성래
2009Feasibility of sonography for intra-articular injections in the knee through a medial patellar portal 조성래
2008Neurally induced umbilical cord blood cells modestly repair injured spinal cords.김현옥, 김효은, 박창일, 이배환, 이종은, 조성래
2008급성기 허혈성 뇌손상 동물 모델에서 재활 치료 조성래
2008말ㆍ언어 장애 아동에서 언어지수와 지능 및 사회지수의 관계 박은숙, 박창일, 조성래
2008자발 운동 및 부유 환경 조성에 의한 선조체 내 신경세포 생성 유도 박은숙, 박창일, 조성래
2007Induction of neostriatal neurogenesis slows disease progression in a transgenic murine model of Huntington disease 조성래
2007남성 척수손상인에서 슈도에페드린 복용이 정액의 질에 미치는 효과 김덕용, 김용욱, 박지웅, 박창일, 신지철, 조성래
2007헌팅톤 병 동물 모델에서 치료효과 판정을 위한 운동기능 평가 김동구, 김현옥, 박은숙, 박창일, 조성래
2004Characteristics of psychosexual functioning in adults with cerebral palsy박은숙, 박창일, 조성래
2004성인 뇌성마비에서 보행시 에너지 소모량 평가 박은숙, 박창일, 조성래
2004Colonic transit time and constipation in children with spastic cerebral palsy 박은숙, 박창일, 조성래
2003The characteristics of sit-to-stand transfer in young children with spastic cerebral palsy based on kinematic and kinetic data김덕용, 박은숙, 박창일, 조성래
2003뇌성마비 성인의 정신적 건강 상태 박창일, 조성래
2003뇌성마비 성인의 대장운동 기능 및 영양섭취 상태 평가 박창일, 조성래
2003뇌성마비 성인의 방광기능 평가 박은숙, 박창일, 신지철, 조성래
2002성인 불수의 운동형 뇌성마비에서의 만성 통증과 사회심리적 기능 조성래
2002경직성 뇌성마비 환아에서 대장운동 기능 및 영양섭취 상태의 평가 조성래
2002반사성 교감신경성 이영양증에서 스트레스 적외선 체열 검사의 유용성 박창일, 조성래
2002스트레스 적외선 체열 촬영을 통한 정상인의 교감신경계 혈관운동성 반응 조성래
2002성인 뇌성마비의 성기능 평가 조성래
2002Assessment of Autonomic Nervous System with Analysis of Heart Rate Variability in Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy 박창일, 조성래
2002선천성 근섬유 불균형 근병증 조성래
2001남성 척수손상 장애인에서 사정유도 자극을 이용한 인공수정 및 출산 사례 김덕용, 박창일, 신지철, 조성래