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한종현 [Han, Jong Hyoun]
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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Prosthodontics

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2014A Novel Coping Design to Decrease Maximum Principal Stress in Zirconia Ceramic Restorations김선재, 한종현Article
2012Influence of internal-gap width and cement type on the retentive force of zirconia copings in pullout testing김선재, 손용하, 한종현Article
2012Effects of laser irradiation on machined and anodized titanium disks.한종현Article
2012일체형 임플란트 권주현, 김선재, 손용하, 한종현Article
2012Bone regeneration with rabbit bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells and bone graft materials 한종현Article
2011Accuracy of implant impressions without impression copings: a three-dimensional analysis권주현, 김선재, 손용하, 한종현Article
2011Influence of cement thickness on resin-zirconia microtensile bond strength 김선재, 심준성, 한종현Article
2010상아질의 봉쇄 시기와 표면처리 방법이 미세인장 결합강도에 미치는 영향 김선재, 박정원, 한종현Article
2010Influence of transmucosal designs of three one-piece implant systems on early tissue responses: a histometric study in beagle dogs.권주현, 김선재, 한동후, 한종현Article
2009The level of buccal gingival margin around single and two adjacent implant restorations: a preliminary result 김선재, 김영범, 심준성, 한종현Article
2009Short implant의 식립 후 1년간의 골흡수 비교연구 권주현, 김선재, 한종현Article
2009The change of rotational freedom following different insertion torques in three implant systems with implant driver. 권주현, 김선재, 장재승, 한종현Article
2009임프란트와 인접 자연치 사이의 근심 접촉 소실에 관한 임상연구 권주현, 김선재, 한종현Article
2008Impact of immediate and non-immediate provisionalization on the soft tissue esthetics of final restorations on immediately placed implants 김선재, 이근우, 정문규, 한동후, 한종현Article
2008Effects of implant geometry and surface treatment on osseointegration after functional loading: a dog study한종현Article
2008즉시 상아질 봉쇄와 지연 상아질 봉쇄에 따른 상아질 접착의 미세인장 결합강도 비교 김선재, 심준성, 한종현Article
2008두종의external hex implant의 변연골 흡수에 관한 연구 : 예비연구 (preliminary study) 한종현Article
2007레진과 치과용 도재의 접착 김선재, 이근우, 한종현Article
2006Radiographic evaluation of marginal bone level around implants with different neck designs after 1 year김선재, 한종현Article
2006Displacement of implant components from impressions to definitive casts김선재, 이근우, 한종현Article
2005Stress distributions in maxillary bone surrounding overdenture implants with different overdenture attachments한종현Article
2005태이퍼드 형 임프란트 식립 시 골질에 따른 수술 기법(워랜텍 임프란트 시스템)김선재, 한종현Article
2005다양한 마이크로쓰레드(micro thread)의 개수를 가지는 임플란트의 상부구조물 형상과 하중조건에 따른 3차원 유한요소해석을 이용한 하악골의 응력분포에 관한 연구 한종현Article
2005The Effects of Ion Beam–Assisted Deposition of Hydroxyapatite on the Grit-blasted Surface of Endosseous Implants in Rabbit Tibiae한종현Article
2004Development and evaluation of digital subtraction radiography computer program한종현Article