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최희승 [Choi, Heeseung]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Pathology

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2018Retention Esophagitis as a Significant Clinical Predictor of Progression to Esophageal Cancer in Achalasia 김지현, 박효진, 신유주, 윤영훈, 최희승Article
2015메토트렉세이트 사용 중 발생한 간을 침범한광범위큰B세포림프종 1예 김유리, 조세희, 최희승Article
2015The optimal serum pepsinogen cut-off value for predicting histologically confirmed atrophic gastritis강화평, 김은혜, 박준철, 신성관, 이상길, 이용찬, 정다현, 최희승Article
2013Liquid-based fine needle aspiration biopsy of papillary thyroid carcinoma: Logistic regression analysis with conventional and new cytomorphologic features이재석, 최희승Article