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이성수 [Lee, Sung Soo]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2019Hyperhidrosis, Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy, and Cardiovascular Outcomes: A Cohort Study Based on the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service Database 박주영, 이성수, 이지원, 이혜선Article
2019Intramuscular stimulation as a novel alternative method of pain management after thoracic surgery 박진영, 이성수, 이혜선Article
2019Long-Term Results of Compressive Brace Therapy for Pectus Carinatum문덕환, 이성수, 이혜선Article
2019Lung Adenocarcinoma Invasiveness Risk in Pure Ground-Glass Opacity Lung Nodules Smaller than 2 츠김태훈, 박철환, 박혜성, 변민광, 이근동, 이성수, 이익재Article
2019Correlation between maximal tumor diameter of fresh pathology specimens and computed tomography images in lung adenocarcinoma 김태훈, 문덕환, 박철환, 이성수Article
2019Significance of the lobe-specific emphysema index to predict prolonged air leak after anatomical segmentectomy 박철환, 이성수, 이혜선Article
2019Hydrogen gas inhalation ameliorates lung injury after hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation 이성수Article
2018High versus low attenuation thresholds to determine the solid component of ground-glass opacity nodules. 김태훈, 김형중, 박철환, 변민광, 이근동, 이성수, 이재호, 장윤수Article
2018Carcinoembryonic antigen predicts waitlist mortality in lung transplant candidates with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis김송이, 박무석, 백효채, 유우식, 이성수, 이진구Article
2018Analysis of an Internet Community about Pneumothorax and the Importance of Accurate Information about the Disease. 김봉준, 이성수Article
2018Risk of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax According to Chest Configuration김준우, 김태훈, 박철환, 송정식, 이성수, 허진Article
2018Efficacy of adjuvant chemotherapy for completely resected stage IB non-small cell lung cancer: a retrospective study 김형중, 박혜성, 박혜정, 변민광, 이성수, 정희철, 조재용, 차윤진Article
2018Early results of new endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy for craniofacial hyperhidrosis 문덕환, 이성수Article
2017Effectiveness of Ambulatory Tru-Close Thoracic Vent for the Outpatient Management of Pneumothorax: A Prospective Pilot Study 김용표, 염태준, 이광훈, 이근동, 이성수, 주승문Article
2017Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome prospectively detected by review of chest computed tomography scans 김성한, 김태훈, 김형중, 박철환, 박혜정, 변민광, 안철민, 양서연, 이경아, 이근동, 이상은, 이성수Article
2017Migration of a contraceptive subdermal device into the lung 이성수, 조시현Article
2017Effect of formalin fixation and tumour size in small-sized non-small-cell lung cancer: a prospective, single-centre study박혜성, 이근동, 이성수Article
2016Prediction of anatomical lung volume using planimetric measurements on chest radiographs김태훈, 박철환, 이성수, 함석진Article
2016Comparisons of the clinical outcomes of thoracoscopic sympathetic surgery for palmar hyperhidrosis: R4 sympathicotomy versus R4 sympathetic clipping versus R3 sympathetic clipping 이근동, 이성수Article
2016Successful Management of Delayed Esophageal Rupture with T-Tube Drainage Using Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery 김봉준, 이성수, 이진구, 이창영Article
2016Acantholytic squamous cell carcinoma of the lung showing significant signet ring cell component.박혜성, 이성수Article
2016Minimally Invasive Repair of Pectus Carinatum in Patients Unsuited to Bracing Therapy 서지원, 이근동, 이성수Article
2016Donor pretreatment with carbon monoxide prevents ischemia/reperfusion injury following heart transplantation in rats 이성수Article
2016A Case of Symptomatic Tracheal Diverticulum and Surgical Resection as a Treatment Modality 박철환, 이근동, 이성수, 이신영Article
2016Outpatient Treatment for Pneumothorax Using a Portable Small-Bore Chest Tube: A Clinical Report 우원기, 이근동, 이성수Article
2016A Case of Pulmonary Interstitial Emphysema Treated by Percutaneous Catheter Insertion in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infant 김창신, 남궁란, 박국인, 박민수, 신정은, 윤춘식, 은호선, 이성수, 이순민Article
2015Metastatic endobronchial adenocarcinoma from the uterine cervix verified by human papillomavirus genotyping 김지섭, 박혜성, 이성수Article
2015Analysis of Unexpected Conversion to Thoracotomy During Thoracoscopic Lobectomy in Lung Cancer김대준, 이성수, 이진구, 이창영, 정경영, 정인경Article
2015The effects of hydrogen gas inhalation during ex vivo lung perfusion on donor lungs obtained after cardiac death박무석, 백효채, 송주한, 이성수, 임범진, 함석진Article
2015A successfully treated case of gorham-stout syndrome with sternal involvement 노동섭, 이성수, 함석진Article
2015New predictive equation for lung volume using chest computed tomography for size matching in lung transplantation김태훈, 박철환, 백효채, 이성수, 함석진Article
2015The bridge technique for pectus bar fixation: a method to make the bar un-rotatable이성수Article
2015Rib overgrowth may be a contributing factor for pectus excavatum: Evaluation of prepubertal patients younger than 10years old김태훈, 박철환, 이성수, 함석진Article
2015Recurrence of primary spontaneous pneumothorax in young adults and children노동섭, 백효채, 이성수, 함석진Article
2015Sclerosing Pneumocytoma with a Wax-and-Wane Pattern of Growth: A Case Report on Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings and a Literature Review 김용표, 김태훈, 박철환, 박혜성, 이성수Article
2015A next-generation pectus excavatum repair technique: new devices make a difference이성수Article
2015Asymmetric Pectus Excavatum Is Associated with Overgrowth of Ribs Rather Than Cartilage김태훈, 박철환, 이성수, 함석진Article
2015쥐 폐의 허혈-재관류 손상에 대한 N-acetylcystein과 Epigallocatechin-3-gallate의 효과 이성수, 이진구, 함석진Article
2015Synchronous Triple Primary Lung Cancer: A Rare Case with Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation 김태훈, 박철환, 박혜성, 이성수, 이주희Article
2014Factors affecting patient compliance with compressive brace therapy for pectus carinatum 이성수Article
2014The etiology of pectus carinatum involves overgrowth of costal cartilage and undergrowth of ribs김태훈, 박철환, 이성수, 함석진Article
2014Recipient hyperbilirubinaemia protects cardiac graft in rat heterotopic heart transplantation.이성수Article
2014Lymphatic vessel invasion and lymph node metastasis in patients with clinical stage I non-small cell lung cancer.이성수Article
2014Staple line coverage after bullectomy for primary spontaneous pneumothorax: a randomized trial백효채, 이성수Article
2014Modified blowhole skin incision using negative pressure wound therapy in the treatment of ventilator-related severe subcutaneous emphysema. 이성수Article
2013Does overgrowth of costal cartilage cause pectus carinatum? A three-dimensional computed tomography evaluation of rib length and costal cartilage length in patients with asymmetric pectus carinatum 김태훈, 박철환, 이성수, 함석진Article
2013Successful Surgical Treatment of a Right Atrial Myxoma Complicated by Pulmonary Embolism 이성수Article
2004양성 기관, 기관지 질환에서 확장성 금속 스텐트 사용에 관한 임상적 고찰 백효채, 이두연, 이성수Article