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이강수 [Lee, Kang Soo]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Psychiatry

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2010Relationship between the diagnostic components of metabolic syndrome (MS) and cognition by ApoE genotype in the elderly오병훈, 이강수, 장양수, 정지형Article
2009Characteristic profiles of instrumental activities of daily living in different subtypes of mild cognitive impairment김경란, 오병훈, 이강수Article
2009Mammillothalamic functional connectivity and memory function in Wernicke's encephalopathy 김어수, 김재진, 남궁기, 이강수, 이수영, 정영철Article
2009Nutritional risk and cognitive impairment in the elderly김경란, 오병훈, 이강수Article
2008Differences in neuropsychiatric symptoms according to mild cognitive impairment subtypes in the community김동구, 오병훈, 이강수, 조현상Article
2008The effect of the ApoE genotype on the association between head circumference and cognition.김경란, 오병훈, 이강수Article
2008Increased plasma levels of heat shock protein 70 in patients with vascular mild cognitive impairment오병훈, 이강수Article
2006양극성 장애 환자에서 정신병적 증상의 과거력 유무에 따른 얼굴 자극의 지속적 주의력에 차이가 있는가?김세주, 이강수, 조현상Article