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김상철 [Kim, Sang Cheol]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology

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2015A novel siderophore system is essential for the growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in airway mucus 기미아, 김상철, 윤상선, 윤주헌, 이강무, 최재영Article
2012Vitamin B12-mediated restoration of defective anaerobic growth leads to reduced biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 김상철, 박용진, 용동은, 윤상선, 이강무Article
2012Protease-activated receptor 2-dependent fluid secretion from airway submucosal glands by house dust mite extract김규보, 김상철, 김유석, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 이정권, 이현재, 조형주, 최재영Article
2012Vitamin A deficiency induces fluid hyposecretion from the airway submucosal glands of mice 김상철, 윤주헌, 이현재, 주정희, 최재영Article
2011The cochleovestibular nerve identified during auditory brainstem implantation in patients with narrow internal auditory canals: can preoperative evaluation predict cochleovestibular nerve deficiency?김상철, 김진아, 이원상, 장진우, 최재영Article
2011Third windows as a cause of failure in hearing gain after exploratory tympanotomy.김민범, 김상철, 김진아, 이원상, 전주현, 최재영Article
2011Hemorrhage in the endolymphatic sac: a cause of hearing fluctuation in enlarged vestibular aqueduct김상철, 김성헌, 김진아, 이원상, 전주현, 최재영Article
2010Successful decannulation of T-tubes according to type of tracheal stenosis.김상철, 김세헌, 김영호Article
2010Functional study of mucus secretion of the eustachian tube in Guinea pigs김상철, 양원선, 이현재, 최재영Article