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김병창 [Kim, Byung Chang]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Internal Medicine (내과학교실)

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2011Anti-alpha-enolase antibody as a serologic marker and its correlation with disease severity in intestinal Behçet's disease.김병창, 김원호, 김태일, 신성재, 이광훈, 이상길Article
2010Chronological changes in the systemic manifestations of intestinal Behcet's disease and their significance in diagnosis.김병창, 김원호, 김은수, 김태일, 박수영, 신성재, 이상길, 천재희Article
2009Proximal shift in the distribution of adenomatous polyps in Korea over the past ten years김병창, 김원호, 김태일, 박수영, 신성재, 이상길Article
2008Efficacy of chromoendoscopy with indigocarmine for the detection of ascending colon and cecum lesions김병창, 김원호, 김재학, 김태일, 박수영, 이상길, 천재희, 한재용Article
2008Risk factors and the role of bedside colonoscopy for lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage in critically ill patients김병창, 김원호, 김태일, 천재희Article
2008Double common bile duct: curved-planar reformatted computed tomography (CT) and gadobenate dimeglumine-enhanced MR cholangiography김기황, 김명진, 김병창, 김태일, 박미숙Article
2008Clinical application of self-expandable metallic stent for treatment of colorectal obstruction caused by extrinsic invasive tumors.김병창, 김원호, 김태일, 송시영, 신성재, 이용찬Article
2008Needle knife-assisted endoscopic polypectomy for a large inflammatory fibroid colon polyp by making its stalk into an omega shape using an endoloop 김병창, 김원호, 김태일, 김호근, 이상길, 천재희Article
2008Relationship between disease location and age, obesity, and complications in Korean patients with acute diverticulitis: a comparison of clinical patterns with those of Western populations김병창, 김원호, 김재학, 김태일, 박수영, 이상길, 천재희Article
2007Clinical significance of anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibody (ASCA) in Korean patients with Crohn's disease and its relationship to the disease clinical course김병창, 김원호, 김재학, 김태일, 박수영, 한재용Article
2004한국인에서 전격성 간부전의 임상적 특징 및 예후 인자 김병창, 김자경, 김희만, 백용한, 신성재, 안상훈, 이관식, 이재현, 전재윤, 한광협Article
2004제 2형 당뇨병 환자에서 동반된 비당뇨병성 신질환의 임상 양상 김병창, 김주성, 김형종, 류동열, 문용화, 박정탁, 유태현, 이승철, 이정은, 이호영, 장태익, 최규헌, 최훈영, 한대석Article
2004성인에서 발생한 우유 알레르기 1예 김병창, 김지현, 김혜진, 박중원, 이용원, 이재현, 이중민, 최수영, 홍천수Article