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Minipig에서 외과적으로 형성한 일벽성 치주 결손부에 이식한 macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate (MBCP)와 fluorohydroxyapatite(Algipore)의 조직학적 평가

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 Histologic evaluation of macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate(MBCP?) and flouorohydrxyapatite (Algipore?) in surgically created 1-wall periodontal intrabony defects of minipigs 
 이중석  ;  채경준  ;  최성호  ;  김종관  ;  채중규  ;  조규성  ;  김창성  ;  정의원 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Periodontology, Vol.37(1) : 125-136, 2007 
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 Journal of Korean Academy of Periodontology (대한치주과학회지) 
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Periodontal regenerative therapy and tissue engineering on defects destructed by severe periodontitis need maintaining of space, which provides the environment for cell migration, proliferation and differentiation. Application of bone grafts may offer this environment in periodontal defects. This study evaluated bone graft materials, MBCP(R) and Algipore(R), in surgically created 1-wall periodontal intrabony defects of minipigs by histological analysis. Critical sized(4mmX4mm), one wall periodontal intrabony defects were surgically produced at the proximal aspect of mandibular premolars in either right and left jaw quadrants in four minipigs. The control group was treated with debridement alone, and experimental group was treated with debridement and MBCP(R) and Algipore(R) application. The healing processes were histologically observed after 8 weeks and the results were as follows. 1. In the control group, limited new bone formation was observed. 2. In MBCP group, more new bone formation was observed compared to other groups. 3. Histologically, dispersed mixture of new bone, biomaterial particles and connective tissue were shown and osteoblasts, osteoclasts and new vessels were present in this area. 4. Defects with Algipore showed limited new bone formation and biomaterial particles capsulated by connective tissue. 5. Histologically, lots of osteoclasts were observed around the biomaterial but relatively small numbers of osteblasts were shown. Within the limitation to this study protocol, MBCP(R) application in 1-wall intrabony defect enhanced new bone formation rather than Algipore(R) application.
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