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Isolation and characterization of human periodontal ligament (PDL) stem ...

Jung-Chul Park ; Jeong-Min Kim ; Im-Hee Jung ; Jane C. Kim ; Seong-Ho Choi ; ... JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PERIODONTOLOGY, Vol.38(8) : 721-731, 2011

Periodontal repair in dogs: effect of rhBMP-2 concentration on regenerat...

Ulf M. E. Wikesjö ; Paola Guglielmoni ; Ananya Promsudthi ; Kyoo‐Sung Cho ; L... Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol.26(6) : 392-400, 1999

The biocompatibility of nanostructured calcium phosphate coated on micro...

Yan Li ; In-Seop Lee ; Fu-Zhai Cui ; Seong-Ho Choi BIOMATERIALS, Vol.29(13) : 2025-2032, 2008
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2021Effectiveness of xenogeneic and synthetic bone-block substitute materials with/without recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2: A preclinical study using a rabbit calvarium modelJOURNAL OF CLINICAL PERIODONTOLOGY
2021Osteoconductive Properties of a Volume-Stable Collagen Matrix in Rat Calvaria Defects: A Pilot Study BIOMEDICINES
2021Clinical, Radiographic, and Histomorphometric Evaluation of a Vertical Ridge Augmentation Procedure Using a Titanium-Reinforced Microporous Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene Membrane: A Prospective Case Series with 1-Year Follow-Up MATERIALS
2021Do periodontal defects affect periodontal inflammation and destruction? Histological/microbiological changes and gene expression profiles of a pilot study in beagle dogsJOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY
2021Accuracy of Dental Implant Placement by a Novel In-House Model-Free and Zero-Setup Fully Guided Surgical Template Made of a Light-Cured Composite Resin (VARO Guide ®): A Comparative In Vitro Study MATERIALS
2021Core Ossification of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2-Loaded Collagenated Bone Mineral in the SinusTISSUE ENGINEERING PART A
2021Factors Affecting Primary Stability on Sites of Alveolar Ridge Preservation Using Porcine-derived Bone Minerals Journal of Korean Dental Science
2021Significance of implant design on the efficacy of different peri-implantitis decontamination protocolsCLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS
20213D-Printed Barrier Membrane Using Mixture of Polycaprolactone and Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate for Regeneration of Rabbit Calvarial Defects in Materials MATERIALS
2021Distance of insertion points in a mattress suture from the wound margin for ideal primary closure in alveolar mucosa: an in vitro experimental studyJOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL AND IMPLANT SCIENCE
2021Degradation Properties of a Bi-layered Cross-linked Collagen Membrane for Localized Bone Regeneration: In Vitro and In Vivo Study Journal of Korean Dental Science
2021Programmed BMP-2 release from biphasic calcium phosphates for optimal bone regenerationBIOMATERIALS
2021Immunohistochemical characteristics of lateral bone augmentation using different biomaterials around chronic peri-implant dehiscence defects: An experimental in vivo studyCLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH
2021Scanning Electron Microscopic Evaluation of the Internal Fit Accuracy of 3D-Printed Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Block: An Ex Vivo Pilot Study MATERIALS
2021Diverse patterns of bone regeneration in rabbit calvarial defects depending on the type of collagen membrane JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL AND IMPLANT SCIENCE
2021Evaluation of success rate and biomechanical stability of ultraviolet-photofunctionalized miniscrews with short lengthsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS
2021Complication rates for various retention types in anterior implant-supported prostheses: A retrospective clinical studyJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2021Quantification of Bacteria in Mouth-Rinsing Solution for the Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
2021Intranuclear Delivery of Nuclear Factor-Kappa B p65 in a Rat Model of Tooth ReplantationINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
2021Reliability of microarray analysis for studying periodontitis: low consistency in 2 periodontitis cohort data sets from different platforms and an integrative meta-analysis JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL AND IMPLANT SCIENCE