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Enamel Matrix Derivate for Periodontal Regeneration in the Interproximal Periodontal Defect Model

 Kyu An Lee ; Hyun-Chang Lim ; Ui-Won Jung ; Seong-Ho Choi ; Jung-Seok Lee ; Min-Soo Kim 
 Biomaterials Research (생체재료학회지), Vol.17(4) : 146~152, 2013 
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 Biomaterials Research  (생체재료학회지) 
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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of enamel matrix derivate (EMD) with combination of composite bovine-derivate xenograft on the periodontal regeneration in the interproximal periodontal defect model. The interproximal periodontal defects (IPDs) were surgically prepared between the first and second maxillary premolar, and the second and third maxillary premolar in four beagle dogs. EMD, collagenized bovine hydroxyapatite (CBHA), combination of two material, and sham surgery were allocated for each IPD. After eight weeks, the animals were sacrificed and the defects were analyzed by radiographic, histologic, and histometric methods. Regenerated woven bone was observed and cementoid was created along the adjacent root surfaces with proliferation of cementoblasts in every group. In the combination of EMD and CBHA group, Sharpey’s fiber was observed beyond the crest of new bone and along the newly formed cementum, and apical migration of junctional epithelium appeared to be blocked by new cementum. In the BC and EMD+CBHA groups, the residual bovine hydroxyapatite particles were found in the periodontal defect. No direct contact was observed between residual particles and tooth surfaces. No remarkable difference was found between the histometric results among the groups. Within the limitation of this study, EMD, CBHA, and combination of two materials showed similar periodontal regeneration in the interproximal periodontal defect model. Further investigation on combination with barrier membrane may be required for improvement of the regenerative potential.
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