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정제된 구조적 미세지방이식을 이용한 함몰 안검 및 다중겹 눈꺼풀의 교정

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 Correction of Sunken and/or Multiple Folded Upper Eyelid by Refined Structural Micro-Fat Graft: Technical Pearls 
 김성민 ; 정보람 ; 김영석 ; 유대현 ; 노태석 ; 홍종원 
 Archives of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Vol.19(1) : 29~33, 2013 
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 Archives of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 
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Structural micro-fat graft is one of the surgical techniques for facial rejuvenation, and it is reliable for correction of sunken upper eyelids especially. However, several factors may influence surgical outcomes substancially. The author introduces the modified micro-fat graft to correct sunken eyelids and multiple eyelid folds to make better results. A series of 162 patients who underwent the refined structural micro-fat graft were included in this study. The purified fat was injected into the subcutaneous and sub-orbicularis oculi muscle layer of the upper eyelids through the 19-gauge cannula with 1 ml syringe. After the operation, all patients were followed up on 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6months, and 1 year. Clinical photographs were taken every visit and the author evaluated the volume and symmetry of the eyelids and checked the satisfaction of each patient and any complications. Among the 162 patients, 156 patients were satisfied with the upper eyelid volume after primary fat graft and other 6 patients were performed secondary fat graft. Even though the volume of the fat was sufficient, 4 patients showed palpable fat nodule during the follow-up period. Modified micro-fat graft is a simple, safe, and alternative method to correct sunken eyelids and multiple eyelid folds.
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