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심한 치주골 흡수에서 티타늄 메쉬를 이용한 치주골 재건에 대한 증례

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 Ridge Augmentation Using Titanium Mesh in Severe Alveolar Bone Resorption: A Case Report 
 최성호 ; 이규안 ; 채중규 ; 조규성 ; 김창성 ; 정의원 ; 이중석 ; 김민수 
 대한구강악안면임프란트학회지 (Implantology), Vol.17(1) : 12~22, 2013 
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 대한구강악안면임프란트학회지  (Implantology) 
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Bone graft has become a common procedure for the placement of dental implants in case of insufficient alveolar ridge. However, reconstruction of large Seibert class III ridge deformation is a challenge to periodontists. In severe ridge resorptions, ridge augmentation with titanium mesh combined with bone material can offer superior space maintenance. This case report provides a clinical case of ridge augmentation using titanium mesh with allogenic bone graft. Irradiated cancellous bone was placed against a titanium mesh fixed to the alveolar bone in a patient with severe resorption of the posterior maxilla. The clinical and radiographic analyses were performed, up to six months after the surgery, including computed tomography images, which show complete horizontal and vertical gain. Small exposure of mesh was observed. After frequent dressing, the wound was closed completely in two weeks. After six months from augmentation, titanium mesh was removed and dental implants were placed, in which the acceptable bone quality was identified by insertion torque. This case report demonstrates that titanium mesh combined with allogenic bone may be used for reconstruction of severe resorbed alveolar ridge. Further controlled clinical studies are needed to evaluate the effects and complications of ridge augmentation, using titanium mesh with bone material.
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