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Influence of Post-Curing in Nitrogen-Saturated Condition on the Degree of Conversion and Color Stability of 3D-Printed Resin Crowns

 Bohyun Lim  ;  Dohyun Kim  ;  Je Seon Song  ;  Sunil Kim  ;  Hoon Kim  ;  Yooseok Shin 
 DENTISTRY JOURNAL, Vol.12(3) : 68, 2024-03 
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degree of conversion ; nitrogen ; post-curing ; three-dimensional printing ; tooth discoloration
Post-curing is the process of applying extra light to complete the polymerization process of 3D printing. The mechanical properties of light-cured three-dimensional (3D) printed resin can be improved by decreasing the oxygen concentrations during post-curing, and nitrogen-saturated post-curing has been applied for this purpose. This study aimed to evaluate and compare the color stability of 3D-printed resin crowns that were post-cured in both normal air and nitrogen-saturated conditions. Crowns were fabricated with a 3D printer and post-cured in normal air (control group; air) or nitrogen-saturated conditions (experimental group; nitrogen). The specimens in each group were subdivided into four subgroups, each exposed to different discoloration agents: distilled water, coffee, wine, and curry. Post-immersion color changes were measured using a digital spectrophotometer and analyzed using repeated-measures ANOVA. Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy evaluated the degree of conversion of resin over immersion times for both post-curing conditions. Upon comparing the effects of post-curing conditions, a significant difference between the control and experimental groups in terms of immersion time in the wine and curry subgroups was found. FT-IR analysis showed a significant difference in the degree of conversion between the air and nitrogen groups from 10 to 300 s. These findings suggest that nitrogen-saturated post-curing can potentially enhance the conversion rate of 3D-printed resin crowns, thereby improving their color stability. © 2024 by the authors.
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Kim, Sun Il(김선일) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8889-9844
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