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Color changes of teeth after treatment with various mineral trioxide agg...

Shin Hong Kang ; Young Seob Shin ; Hyo Seol Lee ; Seong Oh Kim ; Yooseok Shin... JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS, Vol.41(5) : 737-741, 2015

Decellularized Human Dental Pulp as a Scaffold for Regenerative Endodontics

J.S. Song ; K. Takimoto ; M. Jeon ; J. Vadakekalam ; N.B. Ruparel ; A. Diogenes JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH, Vol.96(6) : 640-646, 2017

The prevalence and morphologic classification of distolingual roots in t...

Je Seon Song ; Hyung-Jun Choi ; Il-Young Jung ; Han-Sung Jung ; Seong-Oh Kim JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS, Vol.36(4) : 653-657, 2010
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2024Assessment of Wear Resistance in Tooth-Colored Materials for Primary Molar Crown Restoration in Pediatric Dentistry Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry(대한소아치과학회지)
2024Natal factors affecting developmental defects of enamel in preterm infants: a prospective cohort study SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2024The predictability of arch expansion with the Invisalign First system in children with mixed dentition: a retrospective study JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY
2023Assessment of Risk Factors for Dental Developmental Disorders in Pediatric Cancer Survivors Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry(대한소아치과학회지)
2023A randomized controlled clinical trial of premixed calcium silicate-based cements for pulpotomy in primary molarsJOURNAL OF DENTISTRY
2023Standard operating procedures for the collection, processing, and storage of oral biospecimens at the Korea Oral Biobank Network JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL AND IMPLANT SCIENCE
2023A Study on the Hearing Protection Effect of Noise-Filtering Earplugs for Dentists Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry(대한소아치과학회지)
2023Biocompatibility and mineralization potential of new calcium silicate cements JOURNAL OF DENTAL SCIENCES
2023HIF-1α Overexpression Using a Protein Transduction Domain to Increase the Osteogenic Potential of SHED Journal of Dentistry and Oral Biology
2023조산아의 발육성 법랑질 결함의 위험 요인 평가 Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry(대한소아치과학회지)
2023Multistability and hysteresis in states of oral microbiota: Is it impacting the dental clinical cohort studies?JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL RESEARCH
2023Oral characteristics and dietary habits of preterm children: A retrospective study using National Health Screening Program for Infants and Children PLOS ONE
2023Effectiveness of an Oral Health Education Program Using a Smart Toothbrush with Quantitative Light- Induced Fluorescence Technology in Children CHILDREN-BASEL
2023In Vitro Study on the Bond Strength Between 3D-Printed Resin and Resin Cement for Pediatric Crown Restoration Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry(대한소아치과학회지)
2023Comparative gene expression analysis of stemness between periodontal ligament and umbilical cord tissues in humans JOURNAL OF DENTAL SCIENCES
2022치과 의료 환경에서 발생하는 소음에 대한 주관적 평가 및 노이즈 캔슬링 이어폰의 차음 효과 비교 Journal of the Korean Dental Association(대한치과의사협회지)
2022Risk of Dental Discoloration and Enamel Dysplasia in Children Exposed to Tetracycline and Its Derivatives YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
20225년간 연세대학교 치과대학병원 소아청소년의 치과 방사선 검사 및 유효선량 조사 Journal of the Korean Dental Association(대한치과의사협회지)
2022Novel 3D Printed Resin Crowns for Primary Molars: In Vitro Study of Fracture Resistance, Biaxial Flexural Strength, and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis CHILDREN-BASEL
2022Assessment of dental caries lesion activity status using quantitative parameters obtained from the quantitative light-induced fluorescence method and difference of microbial distribution in primary molarsPHOTODIAGNOSIS AND PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY