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5년간 연세대학교 치과대학병원 소아청소년의 치과 방사선 검사 및 유효선량 조사

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 Investigation of dental radiography examinations and effective dose of children and adolescents in Yonsei University Dental Hospital for 5 years 
 김주희  ;  이채나  ;  김익환  ;  이제호  ;  강정민 
 Journal of the Korean Dental Association(대한치과의사협회지), Vol.60(12) : 772-786, 2022-10 
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Journal of the Korean Dental Association(대한치과의사협회지)
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Dental radiography ; Radiation ; Child ; Adolescent
Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the dental radiography status and radiation risk of children and adolescents for 5 years in Yonsei University Dental Hospital. Materials and Methods: The dental radiography database of individuals under the age of 18 years was provided by the electronic medical records (EMR) from Yonsei University Dental Hospital from 2015 to 2019. The type of dental radiography included panoramic radiography, periapical radiography, bitewing radiography, cephalometric radiography, cone-beam computed tomography and computed tomography. The number of dental radiographies and the effective dose per person was investigated. Results: For 5 years, panoramic and periapical radiography were taken the most. Panoramic radiography, periapical radiography, bitewing radiography, cephalometric radiography, cone-beam computed tomography and computed tomography were taken the most at the age of 5-7 years, 4 years, 18 years, 18 years, 18,7 years and 10,11 years respectively. As analyzed by department, the radiographs were taken the most in order of pediatric dentistry, orthodontic, conservative dentistry. The annual average of effective dose per person increased with age, and it was highest at the age of 18 years. But it was lower than 1.0 mSv, the annual standard of defense in the general public. The effective dose of over 80% of patients are under 0.1 mSv. But there were 2 patients whose effective dose was over 1.0 mSv. The annual average effective dose per person by dental radiography type was highest at the age of 0-3 years for periapical radiography and at the age of over 4 years for panoramic radiography. Conclusion: This investigation into the status of number of dental radiography and effective dose for individuals of children and adolescents will contribute to maximizing the benefits of dental radiography and minimizing the radiation dose.
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