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Disordered plasmonic substrate-based wide-field super-resolution imaging

 Hongki Lee  ;  Hajun Yoo  ;  Woo Joong Rhee  ;  Gwiyeong Moon  ;  Changhun Lee  ;  Jeon-Soo Shin  ;  Donghyun Kim 
 Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE, Vol.11978 : 119780A, 2022-02 
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Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE
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We have investigated the feasibility of disordered plasmonic nanocomposites for super-resolution imaging. Annealing-based nanocomposite substrate has a great potential in biomedical optical and sensing technology because it can be mass-produced without difficult manufacturing processes. We introduce a new approach for wide-field super-resolution fluorescence imaging based on the nanocomposite island substrates, which we call nanospeckle illumination microscopy (NanoSIM). Near-field speckle patterns produced on disordered nanoisland substrates can help reconstruction of high-resolution fluorescence images with appropriate basis images. We have acquired basis images using azimuthal scanning illumination (ASI). Each ASI produces nonuniform nanoscale near-field speckles which can excite fluorescent dyes within a subdiffraction-limited area. While exploiting the random nature of plasmonic nanocomposite, NanoSIM does not require any specific polarization state to be maintained for ASI. We have tested NanoSIM to obtain super-resolved mages of molecules on the HeLa cell membrane. The full-width-at-half maximum was shown to improve by more than three times over the diffraction-limit with 360 basis images. Reconstructed images of gangliosides distribution on the HeLa cell suggest that fewer basis images may produce almost the same resolution with a shorter computation time. The optical resolution and sensitivity of disordered plasmonic substrate can be further enhanced by controlling the geometrical features of nanoislands structure.
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