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 Reconsidering the Concept and Potential of Learning by Teaching 
 Korean Medical Education Review (의학교육논단), Vol.23(1) : 3-10, 2021 
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Korean Medical Education Review(의학교육논단)
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Lernen durch Lehren ; Peer-assisted learning ; Peer learning ; Peer tutoring ; Zone of proximal development
Learning by teaching (LbT) has long been recognized as an important learning behavior that constructs meaning based on interactions between learners. This study aimed to explore the meaning of LbT as an important learning activity for future implementation in education. LbT is based on the cultural historical activity theory and sociocultural learning theory, as developed by scholars including Vygotsky. These frameworks value the construction of meaning based on language, and LbT is reported to be effective in constructing meaning. In addition, within the zone of proximal development posited by Vygotsky, learning through interaction between learners improves academic achievement, higher-order thinking, deep learning, and reflective learning. LbT also promotes students’ learning presence, and strengthens various competencies such as collaboration and communication skills. Interactive behavior between learners in the form of LbT has been explored as an approach to teaching and learning, with methods including peer learning, peer tutoring, peer teaching, peer mentoring, Lernen durch Lehren, and peer-assisted learning. LbT has also been applied as a learning method. In the future, LbT has boundless potential to improve learning through activities such as flipped learning or online learning based on interactions between learners.
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