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의료인문학 교육과정 개편에 대한 Kern의 교육과정개발 모델에 근거한 비판적 성찰

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 A Critical Review of Medical Humanities Education Curriculum Development Based on Kern’s Curriculum Development Model 
 이이레  ;  안신기 
 Korean Medical Education Review (의학교육논단), Vol.22(3) : 173-188, 2020 
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Korean Medical Education Review(의학교육논단)
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Curriculum development ; Kern’s model ; Medical humanities education
Medical humanities education (MHE) is as essential as basic medical sciences and clinical medicine education. Despite the importance of MHE, MHE curriculum development (CD) has proven to be challenging. This critical review examines the MHE CD at one medical school. The critical review methodology was developed based on Kern’s six step CD model to systematically examine the CD of “Doctoring and Medical Humanities (DMH)” at the Yonsei University College of Medicine. Five review questions were developed related to (1) necessity, (2) direction and purpose, (3) design, (4) operation, and (5) evaluation of CD based on Kern’s model. The review showed that the process of DMH CD mapped to components of Kerns model. The DMH curriculum content selected was closely related to medical practice and aimed to combine the acquisition of understanding and skills by designing a student-participatory curriculum based on clinical cases. Assessment methods that emphasized students’ reflections were actively introduced in the evaluation section. Since the regular committee for DMH continued the work of the special ad hoc committees for DMH CD, the CD was effectively completed. However, the planning and evaluation functions and responsibilities of the DMH committee need to be strengthened. Despite the apparent limitations, the fact that students showed a high satisfaction rate and preferred small group discussions based on clinical cases has significant implications in the instructional design of MHE, where changes in self-awareness and attitude are more important than the acquisition of information. It is necessary to systematically review and study students’ reflection results produced by the changed assessment methods and to develop assessment indicators for MHE that reflect the achievements of the MHE competencies of students.
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