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죽음과 애도에 대한 고찰과 교육 가능성 탐색: 죽음 교육에 앞서 죽음에 대한 반응으로서의 ‘애도’를 어떻게 볼 것인가

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 Considering Death and Condolences from an Educational Perspective: How to Examine Condolences in Response to Death in Death Education 
 Korean Medical Education Review (의학교육논단), Vol.22(3) : 163-172, 2020 
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Korean Medical Education Review(의학교육논단)
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Condolences ; Death ; Medical education
Medical treatments as universal care have been turning into delivering medical technology. Coping with death, which is prevalent in all medical circumstances, without comprehensive understanding results in missing out on significant aspects between life and death. This makes doctors surrender easily to a conventional and binary division of life and death and reduces the chance of including death as a part of the medical realm. Furthermore, in terms of medical education, we need to have the opportunity to consider such subjects that can benefit from special planning and consideration. Through reviewing articles in a variety of disciplines such as medicine, philosophy, psychology, literature, and anthropology, we can better understand death, condolences, and the relevance between them in a contextual way. In order to seek a better approach, this study also aims to survey and review the recent state of death education in diverse fields of medicine in Korea. In conclusion, if it is complicated for us to explain or understand death in general, focusing on condolences as a human response to death could be one meaningful way that deserves contemplation. It is possible to regard condolences as a touchstone and a prerequisite in death education itself.
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