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의과대학 교수-학생의 인성교육 인식에 대한 기술적 연구

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 The Perception of Character Education in Medical School 
 강예지  ;  성지동  ;  노재희  ;  장혜원 
 Korean Medical Education Review (의학교육논단), Vol.22(1) : 46-54, 2020 
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Korean Medical Education Review(의학교육논단)
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Character ; Curriculum ; Medical schools
The purpose of this study was to examine professors’ and students’ perceptions of curriculum that fosters character in medical school. ‘Character’ can be defined as a desirable personality and the ability to be a good person. A total of 264 subjects (professors=131, students=133) participated in the study. Survey questions were divided into the three parts (education needs, factors of character, and curriculum management strategy). Data were analyzed by using t-test and one-way analysis of variance. Both professors and students recognized the need for character education. Professors were more aware of the need for education than students (t=4.35, p<0.01), and clinical professors were more aware of the need for education than basic medical science professors (t=3.48, p<0.01). Premedical students were more aware of the need for character-centered education than medical students in the later stages of their education (t=3.41, p<0.01). Professors and students commonly referred to ‘consideration and communication’ as the most important factor in building character. Professors considered ‘self-regulation’ more important than the students recognized, while students perceived ‘wisdom’ as more important than the professors did. There was a difference in preference for curriculum development (creating new subjects vs. revising existing subjects) between the two groups. However, both groups agreed on the teaching and evaluation methods. In conclusion, both groups acknowledged the need for character education. However, there were differences in perception on the major factors of character and preference for curriculum development. The results of this study may assist in designing character education in medical education.
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