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Clinicopathological characteristics of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma according to gross morphologic type: cholangiolocellular differentiation traits and inflammation- and proliferation-phenotypes

 Taek Chung  ;  Hyungjin Rhee  ;  Ji Hae Nahm  ;  Youngsic Jeon  ;  Jeong Eun Yoo  ;  Young-Joo Kim  ;  Dai Hoon Han  ;  Young Nyun Park 
 HPB, Vol.22(6) : 864-873, 2020-06 
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Background: Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (iCCA) is subclassified into mass-forming (MF), periductal-infiltrative (PI), and mixed types grossly; however, their clinicopathological significance remains controversial.

Methods: Clinicopathological characteristics of iCCA gross types were analysed according to histopathological type (small-duct, large-duct, indeterminate) or cholangiolocellular differentiation trait (CDT) in 108 iCCAs. The expression levels of inflammation-marker (CRP, FGB) and proliferation-marker (phospho-ERK1/2, Ki-67) were evaluated by immunohistochemistry.

Results: There were 87 MF, 8 PI, and 13 mixed-gross type. Small-duct-type (39, 44.8%) and CDT (19, 21.8%) were found only in MF-gross type. The inflammation-marker expression was higher in MF-type than in PI- and mixed-gross types (P = 0.023). It was high in small-duct-type, middle in indeterminate-type, and low in large-duct-type (P = 0.015), and iCCAs with CDT showed higher inflammation-marker expression compared to those without (P < 0.001). Proliferation-marker expression did not differ according to gross type; however it was lower in iCCA with CDT compared to those without (P = 0.004). Subgrouping of the gross type according to histopathological type or CDT revealed that MF-type with small-duct-type or CDT had better overall survival compared to the others (P < 0.05).

Conclusion: MF-type iCCA is more heterogeneous than other gross types. High inflammation-marker/low proliferation-marker expression in MF-type with CDT or small-duct-type may be related to a good outcome.
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