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Serpina3c Regulates Adipogenesis by Modulating Insulin Growth Factor 1 and Integrin Signaling

 Yoonjeong Choi  ;  Hyeonjin Choi  ;  Bo Kyung Yoon  ;  Hyemin Lee  ;  Jo Woon Seok  ;  Hyo Jung Kim  ;  Jae-Woo Kim 
 ISCIENCE, Vol.23(3) : 100961, 2020-03 
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Developmental Biology ; Molecular Biology ; Transcriptomics
Preadipocyte differentiation can be induced upon a hormonal treatment, and various factors secreted by the cells may contribute to adipogenesis. In this study, RNA-seq revealed Serpina3c as a critical factor regulating the signaling network during adipogenesis. Serpina3c is a secretory protein and is highly expressed in fat tissues. Knockdown of Serpina3c decreased adipogenesis by attenuating the mitotic clonal expansion of 3T3-L1 cells. These cells exhibited decreases in integrin α5, which abolished the phosphorylation of integrin β3. We found that Serpina3c inhibits a serine protease that regulates integrin α5 degradation. Knockdown of Serpina3c disrupted integrin-mediated insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) signaling and ERK activation. Serpina3c-mediated regulation of integrin-IGF-1 signaling is also associated with AKT activation, which affects the nuclear translocation of GSK3β. Altogether, our results indicate that Serpina3c secreted from differentiating adipocytes inhibits serine proteases to modulate integrin/IGF-1-mediated ERK and AKT signaling and thus is a critical factor contributing to adipogenesis.
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