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성견의 열개형 골 결손부에서 흡수성 차단막과 PDGF-BB 및 IGF-I의 혼합사용이 치주 조직의 치유에 미치는 영향

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 A comparison of bioresorbable membranes alone or in combination with platelet-derived growth factors and insulin-like growth factors on the periodontal healing of the dehiscence defects in dogs 
 조규성  ;  김창성  ;  최성호 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Periodontology (대한치주과학회지), Vol.27(1) : 217-234, 1997 
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 Journal of Korean Academy of Periodontology (대한치주과학회지) 
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Guidor® ; Platelet derived growth factors ; Insulin like growth factors ; Dehiscence defects
The purpose of present study is to compare the effect of treatment using Guidor(R) as a barrier membrane in conjunction with platelet-derived growth factor and insulin like growth factors on experimental dehiscence defects. Following the resection of premolar crowns, roots were submerged. After 12 weeks of healing period, experimental dehiscence defects of 4mm in height and 4mm in width were surgically created on the mid-facial aspect of the lower premolar roots in each of 4 adult dogs. After root planning and demineralization of the root surface with citric acid, the control groups received 4% methylcellulose gel only, the test group I received 4% methylcellulose gel and were covered by Guidor® and the test group II were treated with PDGF and IGF and 4% methylcellulose gel with Guidor® coverage. Histological and histomorphometric analysis following 8 weeks of healing revealed the following results. 1. The new bone formation showed no statistically significant difference in all groups with 0.59±0.82mm(14.03±19.60%) for control, 0.70±0.39mm(16.30±9.01%) for group I, 0.87±0.76mm(18.74±16.03%) for group II. 2. The new cementum formation showed no statistically significant difference in all groups with 0.54±0.48mm(16.38±14.57%) for control, 0.95±0.38mm(23.43±9.30%) for group I, 1.01±0.75mm(22.10±16.11%) for gorup II. 3. The root resorption showed statistically significant differences betweenthe control group and all test groups(p<0.05) with 2.11±0.53mm(52.93±12.32%) for control, 0.63±0.27mm(15.32±7.05%) for group I, 0.89±0.33mm (19.26±7.11%) for group II. On the bases of these results, there were no statistically difference between treatment using resorbable membrane and resorbable membrane in conjunction with PDGF and IGF in the dehiscence defects, where it was difficult to maintain space. The use of membrane seemed to be more effective in the inhibition of root resorption.
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