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자동보정 주파수 의존형 근관장 측정기의 개발

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 Development of a frequency dependent type apex licator with automatic compensation 
 김덕원  ;  남기창  ;  김영주  ;  이승종 
 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research (의공학회지), Vol.19(6) : 595-602, 1998 
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Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
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Among the apex locators, the frequency dependent type is more accurate and convenient to use than others, But the accuracy of the apex locator is still influenced by the presence of various electrolytes used in root canal treatments. In this study, we have developed a frequency dependent electronic apex locator minimizing the influence of the electrolytes on the measurement of root canal lengths. It was also confirmed that two frequencies of 500Hz and 100kHz are optimal for the measuring impedance compare with commercial product used(400Hz and 8kHz)a and there were no differences in accuracy among the three different types of the waveforms; sinusoidal, triangular, and rectangular waves(p>0.05). Impedance ratio of the two different frequencies represents the position of the file in root canal, and the voltage difference of two signals represents the status of the fluid in the root canal. As a result of compensation using the voltage differences, the errors were decreased on the average from +0.54mm to +0.18mm in H₂O₂ solution (p<0.01), and from -0.33mm to -0.01mm in NaOCl solution(p<0.01). The accuracies based on ±0.5mm, in H₂O₂ and NaOCl solutions were improved with the automatic compensation from 71.1% and 91.1% to 82.2% and 100% respectively.
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