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성견 1면 골내낭에서 탈회 냉동 건조골과 calcium sulfate 혼합 이식 및 calcium sulfate 차단막 사용이 치주조직 치유에 미치는 영향

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 The Effect of composite Graft of allogenic DFDB and Calcium Sulfate with and without Calcium Sulfate barrier in Periodontal 1 wall intrabony defects in Dogs 
 문희일  ;  조규성  ;  채중규  ;  최성호 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Periodontology (대한치주과학회지), Vol.28(2) : 219-234, 1998 
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Journal of Korean Academy of Periodontology(대한치주과학회지)
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Numerous bone graft materials have been used in Periodontics, in an attempt to reach the main goal of periodontal therapy, i.e. the regeneration of periodontal tissue lost due to destructive periodontal diseases. The present study investigates the effect of composite graft of DFDB and Calcium sulfate with and without Calcium sulfate barrier in Periodontal 1-wall intrabony defects in dogs. Following the initiation of general anesthesia by I.V. administration of 40mg/Kg of Pentobabital, second premolar was extracted and full thickness flap elevated. The crown portion of premolars was removed. Exposed root canals were sealed with Caviton and covered completely with flap. After the healing period of 8 weeks, the surgical sites were re-opened and 1-wall intrabony defects were created, and treated with flap operation alone(control group), with composit graft of 80% DFDB and 20% Calcium sulfate(Experimental group 1), with composite graft of DFDB and calcium sulfate with calcium sulfate membrane( Experimental group 2). Healing response was histologically observed after 8 weeks and the results were as follows : 1. New bone formation was 70 % in the control group, 93 % in the Experimental group I, 89 % in the Experimental group II. There was a no differences between Experimental groups. 2. New cementum formation was not significantly different between control and two Experimental groups. 3. The length of connective tissue adhesion was 30 % in the control, 7% in the Experimental group I and 11 % in the Experimental group II. 4. After 8weeks, calcium sulfate was completely resorbed, while DFDB particle remained. These results suggest that the use of composite graft of allogenic DFDB and Calcium sulfate with and without Calcium sulfate barrier in periodontal 1 wall intrabony defects have little effect on connective tissue adhesion, but has beneficial effect on new alveolar bone and new cementum formation, and prevent downgrowth of epithelium and connective tissue effectively.
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