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 Growth and Development of arch form 
 손병화  ;  백형선 
 Korean Journal of Orthodontics (대한치과교정학회지), Vol.28(1) : 17-27, 1998 
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 Korean Journal of Orthodontics (대한치과교정학회지) 
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Study on growth change of dental arch is considered to both an important data in orthodontic diagonsis and treatment planning as well as analysis of treatment results , also, arch form is important in anthropology and dentistry, even more so in prosthodontics and orthodontics. In the field of orthodontics, studies on the functional aspect of upper and lower teeth and maintenance of stability of dentition and occlusion were carried out from the early days. Some of the early studies include explanation of growth change in dental arch from measuring directly fom human stroll, and afterwards, cephalometrics x-rays were introduced; accordingly, studies using cephalometric measurement and linear measurements of study models were often performed. By this method, arch width, arch depth and perimeters were measured, and growth change or dental arch was studied. The subject ror this study were sn children(boys and girls or ages from 3 yens to 12 years from Kang-won district and Seoul, who has no history of orthodontic treatment and who show healthy status and normal growth and development. Cephalometric x-ray, panoramic x-ray, and study model were taken for each subject consecutively for 2 years, and the subjects are still followed up. 400 pairs of study models from the past two years were used in this study; mesio-distal diameater of each tooth, intercanine width, intermolar width, canine depth, molar depth and arch perimeters were measured. Afterwards, mean value and each standard deviation of each age group and each gender were obtained, and representation graph were drawn. The following conclusion were obtained. 1. Intercanine width showed gradual increase until the age of 10-years and after that, showed no increase. 2. Intermolar width in upper arch showed gradual increase : intermolar width in lower arch showed no significant chang, and after the age of 9-years, showed increase. 3. Cainine arch depth showed relatively rapid increase after the age of 6-years, and this pattern was more obvious in lower arch. 4. Molar arch depth increased gradually in both archs and it decrease after the age of 10-years : this phenomenon was more prominent in the lower arch. 5. Arch perimeter showed gradual inerease and convert to plateau at the age of 10-years, after that, it decreased. this pattern was more prominent in lower arch.
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