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2023Non-extraction treatment of unilateral scissor bite and severe gingival recession at mandibular incisorsYonsei Journal of Clinical Orthodontics(연세임상교정)
2023Dimensional accuracy, mechanical property, and optical stability of zirconia orthodontic bracket according to yttria proportions SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Changes in masticatory performance during the retention period following 4-premolar extraction and non-extraction orthodontic treatmentCLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS
2023Differences in the 3-dimensional aging changes of the lips among female adults with skeletal Class I, II, and III malocclusionAMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS
2024Combined distalization and lingual cortex remodeling during mandibular growth for facial profile improvement: a case report ANGLE ORTHODONTIST
2024Treatment outcome comparison of Invisalign vs fixed appliance treatment in first premolar extraction patientsAMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS
2024Anisotropic Liesegang pattern for the nonlinear elastic biomineral-hydrogel complex SCIENCE ADVANCES
2024Anterior open bite correction via molar intrusion: Diagnosis, advantages, and complicationsJOURNAL OF THE WORLD FEDERATION OF ORTHODONTISTS
2024Platelet Membrane‐Enclosed Bioorthogonal Catalysis for Combating Dental CariesADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS
2024Can medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw be attributed to specific microorganisms through oral microbiota analyses? A preliminary study BMC ORAL HEALTH
2024Surgical vs nonsurgical treatments in patients with anterior open-bite have similar effects in occlusal function: A 2-year follow-up studyAMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS
2024Three-dimensional evaluation of dentopalatal changes after rapid maxillary expansion in growing childrenAMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS
2024Low concentration zinc oxide nanoparticles enrichment enhances bacterial and pro-inflammatory resistance of calcium silicate-based cementsJOURNAL OF THE MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS
2023Stability of vertical dimension following total arch intrusion BMC ORAL HEALTH
20233D Printed Aligners: Material Science, Workflow and Clinical ApplicationsSEMINARS IN ORTHODONTICS
2023Factors influencing the successful eruption of the maxillary third molar after extraction of the maxillary second molarAMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS
2023Three-dimensional evaluation of a virtual setup considering the roots and alveolar bone in molar distalization cases SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Reliability and time-based efficiency of artificial intelligence-based automatic digital model analysis systemEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS
2023Comparison of translucency, thickness, and gap width of thermoformed and 3D-printed clear aligners using micro-CT and spectrophotometer SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Occlusive membranes for guided regeneration of inflamed tissue defects NATURE COMMUNICATIONS

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