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Analysis of tear cytokines and clinical correlations in Sjögren syndrome...

Sang Yeop Lee ; Soo Jung Han ; Sang Min Nam ; Sang Chul Yoon ; Ji Min Ahn ; T... AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY, Vol.156(2) : 247-253, 2013

Evaluation of dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction after cataract sur...

Kyung Eun Han ; Sang Chul Yoon ; Ji Min Ahn ; Sang Min Nam ; R. Doyle Stultin... AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY, Vol.157(6) : 1144-1150, 2014

Trans-ethnic study confirmed independent associations of HLA-A*02:06 and...

Mayumi Ueta ; Chitra Kannabiran ; Tais Hitomi Wakamatsu ; Mee Kum Kim ; Kyung... SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Vol.4 : 5981, 2014
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2024Characteristics of Life-Sustaining Treatment Decisions: National Data Analysis in South KoreaASIAN BIOETHICS REVIEW
2023농촌위생연구소의 활동과 세브란스 : 이영춘의 인적 네트워크와 그 영향을 중심으로 Yonsei Journal of Medical History(연세의사학)
2023The United Nation's Civil Assistance Command in Korea's (UNCACK) Public Health Measures on Koje Island during the Korean War Korean Journal of Medical History(의사학)
2023Psychiatric Casualties during the Korean War: Focusing on American and Common Wealth Soldiers Korean Journal of Medical History(의사학)
2023간호 관련 환자안전사건의 특성과 질적 내용 분석: 의료소송 판결문 (2014~2018년)을 이용한 이차자료 분석 Quality Improvement in Health Care(한국의료QA학회지)
2023Prioritization of research engaged with rare disease stakeholders: a systematic review and thematic analysis ORPHANET JOURNAL OF RARE DISEASES
2023고려시대 요(遼)⋅송(宋)⋅금(金)⋅원(元)과의 의료 교류 -‘중국의학’ 중심의 시각에 대한 재검토-의료사회사연구
2023Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Tuberculosis and HIV services in Ghana: An interrupted time series analysis PLOS ONE
2023Influence of Basic Health Care Provision Fund in improving primary Health Care in Kano state, a descriptive cross-sectional study BMC HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH
2023『향약제생집성방』에 수용된 『성제총록』과 ‘금원사대가’의 의미 -고려시대 의학이론의 전개 과정- Journal of Korean Studies(동방학지)
2023보건의료 분야 인공지능 연구자를 위한 연구윤리 지침 개발Korean Journal of Medicine and Law(한국의료법학회지)
2023영동세브란스병원과 서독 공공차관: 한국 의료문제 해결의 교차점 Yonsei Journal of Medical History(연세의사학)
2023메이지 일본의 콜레라 유행 통제와 피병원(避病院)의 제도화 Bulletin of the Ewha Institute of History(이화사학연구)
2023Factors Associated with College Students' Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination and Preferred Strategies for Catch-Up Vaccine Promotion: A Mixed-Methods Study VACCINES
2023Ethical and legal challenges in nanomedical innovations: a scoping review FRONTIERS IN GENETICS
2023"The communication I had with him back then is still stuck in my mind." Bereaved families of cancer patients' experiences for end-of-life communication SUPPORTIVE CARE IN CANCER
2023The exchange of medicine with Japan during the Koryo Dynasty era and its characteristics -A case of 'East Asian Medicine' Korean Journal of Medical History(의사학)
2023A History of Teaching Medical History in Medical Schools in Europe and America Korean Journal of Medical History(의사학)
2023조선종두령(1923)의 시행과 식민지 조선의 두창 통제: 종두시술생 정책을 중심으로의료사회사연구
2023Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination Knowledge, Beliefs, and Hesitancy Associated with Stages of Parental Readiness for Adolescent HPV Vaccination: Implications for HPV Vaccination Promotion TROPICAL MEDICINE AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE