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Ethical and legal challenges in nanomedical innovations: a scoping review

 Sophia Wasti  ;  Il Ho Lee  ;  Sumin Kim  ;  Jae-Hyun Lee  ;  Hannah Kim 
 FRONTIERS IN GENETICS, Vol.14 : 1163392, 2023-05 
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consent to research ; nanomedical research ; patient safety ; precautionary principle ; regulation of nanomedicines ; scoping review
Background: Rapid advancements in research and development related to nanomedical technology raise various ethical and legal challenges in areas relevant to disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment. This study aims to outline the existing literature, covering issues associated with emerging nanomedicine and related clinical research, and identify implications for the responsible advancement and integration of nanomedicine and nanomedical technology throughout medical networks in the future.

Methods: A scoping review, designed to cover scientific, ethical, and legal literature associated with nanomedical technology, was conducted, generating and analyzing 27 peer-reviewed articles published between 2007–2020.

Results: Results indicate that articles referencing ethical and legal issues related to nanomedical technology were concerned with six key areas: 1) harm exposure and potential risks to health, 2) consent to nano-research, 3) privacy, 4) access to nanomedical technology and potential nanomedical therapies, 5) classification of nanomedical products in relation to the research and development of nanomedical technology, and 6) the precautionary principle as it relates to the research and development of nanomedical technology.

Conclusion: This review of the literature suggests that few practical solutions are comprehensive enough to allay the ethical and legal concerns surrounding research and development in fields related to nanomedical technology, especially as it continues to evolve and contribute to future innovations in medicine. It is also clearly apparent that a more coordinated approach is required to ensure global standards of practice governing the study and development of nanomedical technology, especially as discussions surrounding the regulation of nanomedical research throughout the literature are mainly confined to systems of governance in the United States. Copyright © 2023 Wasti, Lee, Kim, Lee and Kim.
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