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2023『향약제생집성방』에 수용된 『성제총록』과 ‘금원사대가’의 의미 -고려시대 의학이론의 전개 과정- Journal of Korean Studies(동방학지)
2023연명의료결정제도의 경험과 개선점: 제도 관련자들의 견해를 중심으로 Bio, Ethics and Policy(생명, 윤리와 정책)
2023The exchange of medicine with Japan during the Koryo Dynasty era and its characteristics -A case of 'East Asian Medicine' Korean Journal of Medical History(의사학)
2023A History of Teaching Medical History in Medical Schools in Europe and America Korean Journal of Medical History(의사학)
2023"The communication I had with him back then is still stuck in my mind." Bereaved families of cancer patients' experiences for end-of-life communication SUPPORTIVE CARE IN CANCER
2022Effect of online education on the knowledge on, attitudes towards, and skills in patient safety for nursing students in Korea: a mixed-methods study Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions(보건의료교육평가)
2022근대 일본의 종두: 제도 정비와 실제 의료사회사연구
2022Neuroscience is ready for neuroethics engagement FRONTIERS IN COMMUNICATION
2022Locating hygienic medicine within the intellectual history of hygiene: cases of E. W. Lane and T. R. AllinsonHISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF THE LIFE SCIENCES
2022An Analysis of Judicial Cases Concerning Analgesic-Related Medication Errors in the Republic of KoreaJOURNAL OF PATIENT SAFETY
2023Public perceptions and attitudes of the national project of bio-big data: A nationwide survey in the Republic of Korea FRONTIERS IN GENETICS
2022Feasibility of Capturing Adverse Events From Insurance Claims Data Using International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Codes Coupled to Present on Admission Indicators JOURNAL OF PATIENT SAFETY
2022신촌 연세의료원의 건설에 관한 연대기적 기초조사 Yonsei Journal of Medical History(연세의사학)
2022의방유취와 번역사업의 의의세종학연구
2022The validity of ICD-11 PTSD and complex PTSD in North Korean defectors using the International Trauma Questionnaire EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOTRAUMATOLOGY
2022환자됨의 철학Philosophy of Medicine(의철학연구)
2020Analysis of judicial precedent cases regarding epidural injection in chronic pain management in Republic of KoreaREGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND PAIN MEDICINE
2020Medicolegal implications from litigations involving necrotizing fasciitis ANNALS OF SURGICAL TREATMENT AND RESEARCH
2021해방직후 보건의료체제 논쟁과 통일국가 보건의료정책 구상 Korean Journal of Medical History(의사학)
2022고난의 행군 시기 전후의 북한 의료인과 주민들의 보건의료 경험 분석과 시사점 입법과 정책

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