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간호대학생을 위한 공감교육 프로그램이 공감능력, 대인관계 능력 및 돌봄에 미치는 효과

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 The Effect of an Empathy Education Program on Nursing Students’ Empathy Ability, Interpersonal Ability, and Caring 
 정진옥  ;  김수 
 Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing Education (한국간호교육학회지), Vol.25(3) : 344-356, 2019 
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Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing Education(한국간호교육학회지)
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Nursing students ; Program ; Empathy ; Interpersonal relations ; Caring
Purpose: This study aimed to develop and evaluate the effects of an empathy education program for
undergraduate nursing students. Methods: The study employed a non-equivalent control group pretest-posttest
design. A total of 46 nursing students were voluntarily recruited by convenience sampling from senior nursing
students from the nursing department of K college in I city, Korea. Participants were divided into two groups, an
experimental group of 23 and a control group of 23. The experimental intervention (empathy education program)
was conducted from April 19 to May 6, 2016 and consisted of 150-minute sessions, twice a week, for 3 weeks
for a total of 15 hours. Results: Participants demonstrated improvements in perspective taking in cognitive
empathy, improved empathic concern in emotional empathy, and improved communicative empathy. Analysis of
reflective writings identified four theme clusters regarding communicative empathy: improvement of empathic
expression, experiencing comfort and healing, improvement of interpersonal relationships, and experience of conflict
resolution. Improved interpersonal ability and caring were also identified. Conclusion: The empathy education
program improved cognitive, emotional and communicative empathy, and interpersonal skills and care, which are
all necessary qualities for nurses.
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