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Temperature-dependent increase in the calcium sensitivity and acceleration of activation of ANO6 chloride channel variants

 Haiyue Lin  ;  Ikhyun Jun  ;  Joo Han Woo  ;  Min Goo Lee  ;  Sung Joon Kim  ;  Joo Hyun Nam 
 Scientific Reports, Vol.9(1) : 6706, 2019 
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Anoctamin-6 (ANO6) belongs to a family of calcium (Ca2+)-activated chloride channels (CaCCs), with three splicing variants (V1, V2, and V5) showing plasma membrane expression. Unlike other CaCCs, ANO6 requires a non-physiological intracellular free calcium concentration ([Ca2+]i > 1 μM) and several minutes for full activation under a whole-cell patch clamp. Therefore, its physiological role as an ion channel is uncertain and it is more commonly considered a Ca2+-dependent phospholipid scramblase. Here, we demonstrate that physiological temperature (37 °C) increases ANO6 Ca2+ sensitivity under a whole-cell patch clamp; V1 was activated by 1 μM [Ca2+]i, whereas V2 and V5 were activated by 300 nM [Ca2+]i. Increasing the temperature to 42 °C led to activation of all ANO6 variants by 100 nM [Ca2+]i. The delay time for activation of the three variants was significantly shortened at 37 °C. Notably, the temperature-dependent Ca2+-sensitisation of ANO6 became insignificant under inside-out patch clamp, suggesting critical roles of unknown cytosolic factors. Unlike channel activity, 27 °C but not 37 °C (physiological temperature) induced the scramblase activity of ANO6 at submicromolar [Ca2+]i (300 nM), irrespective of variant type. Our results reveal a physiological ion conducting property of ANO6 at 37 °C and suggest that ANO6 channel function acts separately from its scramblase activity.
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