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2021Effects of Glaucoma Medication on Dry Eye Syndrome and Quality of Life in Patients with Glaucoma Korean Journal of Ophthalmology
2021The power of genetic diversity in genome-wide association studies of lipids NATURE
2021편측 상사근마비에서 상사시 각도에 따른 단일 하사근절제술의 치료 효과 및 유용성 JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN OPHTHALMOLOGICAL SOCIETY(대한안과학회지)
2021Corneal Lymphangiogenesis: Current Pathophysiological Understandings and Its Functional Role in Ocular Surface Disease INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
2021Comparison Between an Intraocular Lens With Extended Depth of Focus (Tecnis Symfony ZXR00) and a New Monofocal Intraocular Lens With Enhanced Intermediate Vision (Tecnis Eyhance ICB00) ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY
2021난치성 황반원공 치료에서 고점도 실리콘기름의 치료 효과: 증례보고 Journal of Retina
2021Automatic segmentation of corneal deposits from corneal stromal dystrophy images via deep learningCOMPUTERS IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE
2021A Case of Post-traumatic Corneal Endothelial Dysfunction Treated with Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty Combined with Cataract Surgery Korean Journal of Ophthalmology
2021Changes in peripapillary and subfoveal choroidal thickness in patients with central retinal vein occlusion PLOS ONE
2021Methodology and Rationale for Ophthalmic Examinations in the Seventh and Eighth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (2017-2021) Korean Journal of Ophthalmology
2021Significant elevation of aqueous endothelin-1 in central retinal vein occlusion PLOS ONE
2021Computer-aided detection and abnormality score for the outer retinal layer in optical coherence tomographyBRITISH JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY
2021Characterization of the role of autophagy in retinal ganglion cell survival over time using a rat model of chronic ocular hypertension SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2020Signature Fragment Ions of Biotinylated Peptides JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR MASS SPECTROMETRY
2020Incidence and characteristics of cataract surgery in South Korea from 2011 to 2015: A nationwide population-based studyCLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPHTHALMOLOGY
2020Comparison between Surgical Outcomes of LASIK with and without Laser Asymmetric Keratectomy to Avoid Conventional Laser Refractive Surgery Adverse Effects SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2020Genome-wide RNA interference screening reveals a COPI-MAP2K3 pathway required for YAP regulation PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
2020Is kidney function associated with primary open-angle glaucoma? Findings from the Asian Eye Epidemiology ConsortiumBRITISH JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY
2020Antibacterial Nanopillar Array for an Implantable Intraocular LensADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS
2022Comparison of two different contrast sensitivity devices in young adults with normal visual acuity with or without refractive surgery SCIENTIFIC REPORTS

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