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신규간호사 교육체계에 대한 실태조사: 프리셉터십 운영을 중심으로

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 Survey on the Education System for New Graduate Nurses in Hospitals: Focusing on the Preceptorship 
 신수진  ;  박영우  ;  김미정  ;  김정현  ;  이인영 
 Korean Medical Education Review (의학교육논단), Vol.21(2) : 112-122, 2019 
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Korean Medical Education Review(의학교육논단)
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Nursing ; Preceptorship ; Training
The purpose of this study was to identify the current status of the new graduate nurses’ education system, to establish guidelines for the education of new graduate nurses, and to provide dates for the improvement of the education system. Eighty-nine hospitals participated in the survey from July to August 2018. The questionnaires consisted of 24 items including general characteristics, new graduate nurses’ education system, operation of nursing education teams, and preceptorship programs. The average duration of education/training for new graduate nurses was 57.3 days, and 26.6%–58.5% of general hospitals, hospitals, and long-term care hospitals had less than 30 days of new graduate nurses education/training, which is shorter than the education/training period of tertiary hospitals. There were new nursing education guidelines in 88.8% of all medical institutions and 58.6% of them had nursing education teams. Most of the personnel in charge of nursing education were not dedicated to education. A total of 87.6% of the all participating medical institutions had preceptorship programs, while 23.1%–33.3% of hospitals and long-term care hospitals did not. The breakdown of preceptorship programs showed 68.4% as “preceptor and preceptee are in charge of one team, and preceptor is teaching preceptee,” and 19.7% were “preceptor and preceptee are in charge of each team, and preceptor is teaching preceptee at the same time.” These results show that standardization and management of new graduate nurses’ education programs is necessary. For the standardization and management of new graduate nurses’ education programs, joint efforts of nurses’ associations and support from the government should be encouraged.
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