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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2018A Study on the Improvement for big data utilization- Focused on health insurance claims data Dissertation
2018Changes in employment and health status of mothers of children with cancer Dissertation
2018The health and economic burden of cancer attributable to obesity in Korea Dissertation
2018Exposure patterns and risk sources analysis using biological and environmental data of DEHPDissertation
2018The effect of medical institution's continuity of care on management of type 2 diabetes mellitus Dissertation
2017Legal Defensiveness-Induced Life-Sustaining Treatment: Results of a Natural Experiment Dissertation
2017Biological effects of the Alpha B crystallin core domain on dermal fibroblasts and keratinocytes Dissertation
2017Functional food based on mineral-enriched yeast produced by high efficiency culture technique Dissertation
2016Cognitive impairment, activities of daily living, and mortality among the elderly in rural South Korea : Kangwha cohort study Dissertation
2016Impact of bundled payment system change on average length of stay among surgical patients : from diagnosis related group to Korean diagnosis procedure combination Dissertation
2016Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease prediction model and prescribing rates of statins : the Korean heart study Dissertation
2016Sex-based differences in weight misperception and its related factors among Korean children and adolescents : the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2009-2013 Dissertation
2016Hospital specialization and hospital charge, length of stay, and mortality for lumbar spine disease inpatients Dissertation
2016The effects of parental loss in childhood on mental health in adults Dissertation
2015Coronary artery bypass graft versus percutaneous coronary intervention with new generation drug-eluting stents for left main and multivessel disease : an indirect comparison using Bayesian network meta-analysisDissertation
2015The contribution of chronic kidney disease measures to cause-specific mortality and morbidity Dissertation
2015Characteristics of no-show in dental clinics Dissertation
2015The exposure-response relationship between air pollution and acute myocardial infarctionDissertation
2015Association between thigh circumference and carotid intima-media thickening Dissertation
2015Gene-gene and gene-environment interactions of colorectal cancer risk : the Korean Cancer Prevention Study-IIDissertation

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